*Shrugs* Everyone’s been through that point somewhere in their life. Why is it mainly in teen years all this crap about depression and peer pressure comes up?

I beg to differ. I’m twenty six and most certainly haven’t “been through that” at any point of my life. Of course the problem might be in the fact that I pretty much started out as a heartless bastard.

Don Pedro, are you Thomas in real life?

I don’t think so, I look nothing like him and have never in my life worked retail. Also my assholery is much less refined, in fact, I’m pretty straightforward as far as being mean is concerned. Though I’m pretty much always in the clear since I have a lovable, chunky appearance and therefore nobody takes my abuse seriously.

I’m twenty and I’ve never “been through that” either, though in my case it’s probably because I’ve never been in that sort of relationship before.

‘Teen years?’ Hardly. Heartbreak can happen at any age. I’m in my 30’s. It happened to me a few years ago and I’m still getting over it. I’m starting to see some faint color around the edges of life.

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