ooooo been there…every time i see her i forget why i hated her so much….eventually i remember and everything starts all over again…a truly vicious cycle

Yeah, same here. Everytime I see this girl, one part of me wants her to be mine again, while another part of me wants to throw her off a freakin cliff.

Okay, I LOVE this comic! Really LOVE it!

And, after the past two, and the comments of the past two, I can heartily say I’m glad I’ve never loved another PERSON before. Geez, so much bitterness, sadness, regrets, and stuff to be had. Bleah; who needs it!?

There are two things you can wish upon a person that, though they appear innocent at times, are pure evil:
1 May you live in Interesting Times
2 May you have many kids in your near future

Folks, he has been known to exaggerate just a wee bit for effect.

I rather doubt he actually prays nightly for her death.

And in fact it is a good sign that he is back to making jokes, even somewhat macabre ones, rather than just being sullen.

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