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I was very subtle about this aspect of Evrina in her past appearances, but the clues are there if you look. There’s a little trail of breadcrumbs, but no one seemed to pick up on it, which is kind of how I wanted it to be. Originally I was going to have Evrina be much more adversarial, but like all of the characters who get framed in adversarial ways, she’s not a villain. She’s a different person depending on the situation she’s in, the people she’s with, or what have you. Oh, I just realized I forgot the cross on her shirt. Anyway, this is one of those things I’ve been slowly working up to revealing about her. It’s going to lead to some interesting stuff. In my opinion anyway.


So many reveals!

What is Ervina suggesting here?

I pretty sure most of us saw something like this coming simply because of how Evrina looks. Her appearance just screams “lesbian”.

It’s not as obvious as pink hair half shaved into a floppy fringe though, you have to give her that.

Except she’s bi though, right?

She’s expressed that she finds her current boss (I forgot his name) attractive. It sounds like she’s somewhere between 3 and 5 on the Kinsey scale. I’d be willing to wager 4 or 5.
[3: bisexual w/ no preference, 4: bisexual w/ same sex preference, 5) homosexual but occassionally attracted to opposite sex]

One thing I have enjoyed is the gradual world building as more and more characters outside the store get introduced and make things more complicated xD Jess’ past as a philanderer finally catches up xD poor Jolene gets caught in the middle

I really don’t think this is an example of Jess’ past as a philanderer. I think this is a case of ex from a previous serious relationship that ended very badly and with lots of drama.

Oh no.. she’s going to break her. We’re reaching critical overheat temps captain!

So…….if this is [now] a Star Trek story, does that mean Evrina is regular Spock, or Evil Spock? :D

Jolene has been “broken” by most of the comic’s cast at this point. I think by now she’s gotten used to it

I’d like to think that we’re evolved-enough that this isn’t the earth-shattering revelation it might’ve been 40yrs-ago (or even a mere 10yrs-ago, for that matter). In hindsight, it might help to explain Evrina’s antagonism towards her boss, given how aggressively negative the Bible is towards any ‘non-hetero &/or pre-marital’-sexuality. Whatever his OWN attitude might be, she could be using him to “punish by proxy”, since most books (& not just bibles) tend to simply ignore your insults, & never change their stance.

Meanwhile, in the last panel, Jolene’s eyes are lost, deep in the “Holy Cleavage” …
… or, as another webcomic likes to call them: “Hypno-Boobs”.

Now we know for sure what she meant back in 1380 when she said to Alex that Neil wasn’t her type, and that things would have been easier if he was…

I went on a journey back through the archive and noticed the same thing.

Meanwhile, she seems… (how do I put this?) … more endowed? It appears that to emphasize Jo’s gaze, Evrina’s gotten an upgrade. Boobracadabra.

Trying to figure out whether Jo is trying to avoid eye contact, or being heavily distracted by the plots laid out in front of her.

Perhaps both…..

It’s a web comic, of course she’s Not Straight. J/K but it seems like every comic where sexuality can be a plot device has a Not Straight female character. For some reason this does not extend to male characters.

I beg to differ though you are correct that they are in the majority at the moment as the latest plot device of the day.

Can I name any off the top of my head? Nope. Then again I can’t name many characters off the top of my head from web comics. Manga, there are too many with very few being subtle about it.

For Me it’s because I’ve actually known way more gay women since you could get away with it in Kansas whereas a gay dude can still gets his ass kicked regularly even today.

I’m pretty sure there was one super clear indicator she was gay, it was whats-his-face-that-likes-doing-furry-porn-comedy and she made some sort of comment to the effect of “I wish it were that simple too” when he was lamenting about liking her? maybe I’m making the whole thing up. its been a long time since I read through the archive. I should remedy that. after finals. :P

I have the worst gaydar on the planet. I did not realize that either Freddy Mercury or Elton John were gay until quite recently. I also never cared one way or the other about it. One’s sexual preferences have never factored into my opinion of anyone, as I most often do not know or understand what difference it could possibly make to anything.

Well, last time we saw her she was crushin’ on Nina, so it really wasn’t much of a leap…

…A drunk looks at his foot.
He sees that there’s a hole in his sock, and says: Toe peeka! *Baddum Tish!*

I like Brooksie and Evrina’s interactions, because one is named Jolene and the other has Foo Fighters’ hair. It’s one big Stone Ocean Tribute.

“I usually like Bigger Girls”… waitaminute… Does she like Alex? Or maybe, she means bigger in regards to height instead of weight… And considering her history with Nina, that would make sense

I’m rereading and it actually was worded like she and Alex were implied to have been with each other in the past. I saw this coming from a mile away, but that’s probably because I pay extra attention to LGBT stuff.

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