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I didn’t have anything painful done at the dentist today, but apparently I clutched the little chair holders so hard with one hand I actually managed to hurt it. Usually for the first 15 minutes of being in the chair I get pretty tense because my nose always decides to switch dominant nostrils and it takes my nose way longer to do that than most people’s. Without fail it’s right when I have my mouth full of tools & have to carefully manage breathing until it sorts itself out. Anyway, my hand hurts now.

Apparently it was about a 50 50 split on people guessing Evrina was gay, or not catching on at all. Maybe I wasn’t as subtle as I thought. Oh well, it was fun to pin it down anyway.


I’m glad Jess at least addresses that at least Evrina looks good xD Whether people look good or not is completely seperate from whether or not one is emotionally ready to handle them xD

If it helps, it seems like half of the people on the internet think every character is gay.

For the record, my stance was that she was bi, but until she actually pursued a relationship, that it was irrelevant to narrow it down further.

I never really thought about it. She was just this little ball of hostility that showed up occasionally.

Same. I liked her character design, especially once she showed up working here, but it never occurred to me to wonder who she might snog. OTOH, I read every comic like that, even a comic like this one, where the characters hooking up is part of the whole point. If and/or when they do in canon, I accept it at face value.

I do the same thing, so I guess that makes me a passive reader? I sometimes speculate on plot or character motives, but who snogs who isn’t something that usually even enters my mind. Not sure why.

Somebody is evaluating the chances to share..

Maybe just considering it in theory

Evrina is totally OK with it. Jo maybe too. Jess might not want to share though

Kinda ironic given her predilections elsewhere, but understandable if things with Evrina ended on a sour note.

How tall are Evrina and Jo supposed to be? I had thought Jess as about 6’3″ and she towers over them here.

Jo is slightly shorter than even Ed… Ed who barely comes up to Thomas’s shoulder.
IIRC Jess is roughly the same height as Thomas, who I believe was stated to be 5′ 10″…

I recall in the past estimating Nina to be around 6′ 3″, but she is clearly the tallest member of the cast.

What’s really amazing is that Evrina is clearly SMALLER than Jo.

Unpacking the boxes…THAT’S a new way of saying, “girls are having sex”. :D

She just means that they don’t have to analyse the situation and its implications right now. I really like that Jess is not putting Evrina ‘in her place ‘ for flirting with Jo, or putting Jo down either, and also acknowledging that Evrina looks good. She’s being totally non-catty! Maybe she’s so taken aback that she’s forgotten to be the most clever minx in the room.

Ah, ok, wait…you’re probably responding to when I said something like,
“This is just an observation-I don’t remember Evrina doing what someone else wanted, in the past…”.

I see that now. Please pardon me if I sounded nasty. I didn’t mean to.
I’m too asleep to do any-stuffs, today. *looks annoyed with self*
Please ignore everything that I’ve said today. :D :D

“make some room for Jesus” is a new one for me. I rather like that one

100% accurate to Midwest Christian culture – older generations used it as a serious measurement (imagine a grown man – our Savior – standing/sitting/dancing between you); Gen X made fun of it; and now Millennials will use it in their own context, usually teasingly as seen here.

The other one is, “If you’re sitting together, put a Bible between you. That way, if he (always he) wants to get too close, he’ll have to climb over Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.”

I know its refereeing to physical space, but I always like to pretend that you shouldn’t eat too much breakfast on Sunday so that you can pig out on tons of Jesus Crackers and Jesus Juice (because its free).

That or Jesus who runs the taco kart next to the cinema.

This is just an observation-
I don’t remember Evrina doing what someone else wanted, in the past.
Maybe she sometimes honors the orders or requests, of her past girlfriends.

I would say Evrina is bi. Her affections towards Ramon are not so subtle. Ramon however seems to be oblivious.

I finally noticed – she’s using the same phrase that Ed used at her, when Nina showed up and Jess wasn’t dressed for company!

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