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So…  A friend of mine went and made a book.  At some point before he finished he asked me to make a filler image for the book in question so he wouldn’t have to fill every damn page himself.  The time has come for this book to be preordered.  I present to you the “press release” for the bookity book book book:

Hey kids, do you like to laugh? Do you like to learn? Do you wish there was a way that you could do both at the same time? Well have I got the news for you lugs.

I have a book coming out from SLG Publishing in August and, oh boy, it’s really wicked awesome! It’s a comic book adaptation of the Malleus Maleficarum, the infamous witch-hunting manual of the late middle ages that was single-handedly (or whatever the analogous expression would be for a book) responsible for the witch craze that led to the deaths of some 40,000 women. And now the nasty little tome often described as the single most blood-soaked book in human history is available as a wacky, zany, fun-filled comic book!

If you enjoy my comic abominations over at Guttersnipe or Murry Purry Fresh and Furry or Witchprickers, then you’ll piss yourself with absolute glee when you read Malleus Maleficarum. The Malleus Maleficarum is now available for preorder on Amazon, so I would encourage you to go reserve your copy today, because wouldn’t you feel the fool if August rolled around and you didn’t know how to protect yourself from witches! Don’t take that risk; order your copy today! At a mere $8.76, why, you’d have to be absolutely stark raving crazy not to! That’s right, less than ten dollars for 136 pages of educational, witch-burninating HILARITY!

Here’s the info on Amazon.

Or learn more right from the source.

Seriously, I think a lot of you guys will totally enjoy this book. Also makes the perfect gift for the goth or Wiccan on your shopping list HINT HINT HINT! C:

I actually got to read almost the whole book when Mike asked me if I wanted to contribute.  I’m biased, but it was a lot more palatable reading about the backward bullshit they believed in olden times in comic form than when I tried to read it as plain text many years ago.   The book is a glorious tribute to the continued stupidity humanity is capable of to this very day.


Awesome, book sounds great, the moment I get money, I’ll go for it. What with being on the goth scene for five years, dated a metric fucktonne of wiccans and all, how can I not go for it?

Awesome comics, btw, even though I haven’t commented on them for a while >.>

The whole claiming first post or comment or whatever has officially become a pet peeve of mine. Despite the awesome name I hope you die in a fire, Fluffy-The-Zombie. You and all your first comment claiming cohorts. Maybe by making a book about hunting some kind of monster… or even witch perhaps… yes…

All right you two, fight nice back there or I’ll pull this Web over, so help me I will…

Perfesser_Bear beat me to it! ….. Aren’t you going to claim first idea? Keheheh.

Did you mess with the site more? I didn’t get any unusual latency issues pulling up pages. It was just as speedy as most of my other comic bookmarks. o.o

Um.. Sorry, no. MSNBC. Or ABC, Or NBC. Or CNN. Imagine if Fox had treated Hillary like all of these treated Sarah Palin. Lawyers (otherwise known as the spawn of satan) would still be making millions on the resultant lawsuits.

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