773 Complexities.

I don’t have any particularly interesting topics to post about or questions I want answered.  If you guys have any questions you want to ask I’ll make an effort yo respond to every one.  Be sensible about them though.  I’m not revealing major plot points or anything like that.  If you want to know about me that’s fine too.


The last panel is WIN. Having worked in retail, that is often how me and my co-workers (and occasionally bosses) felt at the end of the day :D You have visually displayed the thoughts and feelings of every retail employee who has ever closed a store, hehehe. The expression on her face is perfect. You couldn’t have done it better :P

You know, Carol is a great portrayal of an actual woman (not a stereotypical “everywoman” either). I have totally pulled the same thing on my husband – he “owes” me when there’s really no logical reason why he should. He usually gives in, too, because it’s just plain impossible to argue your way out logically when the game has already been rigged.

Despite this, I completely agree with Carol. Wes is acting cowardly and immaturely if he can’t bring up his issue WITH Carol, instead of running to Mike. I also would have a hard time taking it easy on someone who can’t act like an adult, regardless of workplace rules and policy.


“Coach, why is there air?”

Hmm… ¢?@¶ factory. Monkeys. And maybe monkeys will fly out of my @$$… {I H A E T when that happens…}

Come to think of it, that is so totally something Carol would say.

Her demeanor in that last panel, I just know I would follow someone like that loyally, which is odd because up to now she has reminded me of every bitch of a boss I have had

Whatever happened to the creepy guy at the beginning who was hitting on Carol? I almost forgot about him, and it’s about time he returned.

By the way, this site is one of my favorites.

My neice wants to draw coics adn manga when she grows up any suggestions for her?

Don’t. Failing that, commit to it early, learn as much about drawing and writing as you can and never let anyone turn you from that goal. If you don’t go at it with everything your chances of doing well are poor. Even then the chances of success are not good, but if you can draw well you can always get jobs doing design work.

I was wondering, did you ever find something to help the pain and such you were having while you were drawing?

No. Eventually I just went back to sitting in my old chair. The new one seems to cause my hip to hurt if I sit for very long in it. I’m still testing to see if it could be something else though.

Did you ever try drawing while standing up? Admittedly, that might not work as well if it’s a hip problem, but it could be work a try if you don’t mind standing for long periods.

something in his voice indicates he may be getting tired of putting up with her schtick. methinks she has forgotten who technically is superior.

Which anime do you like better: in Japanese with subtitles or in English?

Subtitled usually. There are a few that have been dubbed so well I can watch them either way, like Big O.

The only one that is in English that actually sounds ‘right’ to me is Martian Successor Nadesico. I mean, if you are going to have an anime that makes fun of everything, you may as well have it in English as well.

I couldn’t listen to the original audio for Kenshin without laughing at his voice.

And I second Nadesico.

The ADV dub of Gurren Lagann that fell through was also awesome–but then again, Brett Weaver is pretty much Gai and Kamina in every single one of his roles.

Questions, eh?


Given that Reggie appears to possess the powers of pyrokinesis but not the ability to control said powers, are we likely to see any of the other cast members develop similarly fantastical abilities?

Even if not, what X-Men-like powers do you believe each character would develop? (As opposed to “should” develop, or “would like to” develop)

What Reggie does is no more an ability than having poor balance is. I’ve never given any thought to the X Men question. The way people in X Men develop powers totally at random is stupid anyway. Family members don’t even share traits. It’s ridiculous.

If I was going to give them powers I guess Ed & Jess would have superhuman strength. Nina could have Giganta’s powers. Jolene could fade into shadows. Mike could be a gifted wrestler. John would be the world’s greatest accountant. Thomas would have limited mind control, and Carol would have the power to eat ice cream without ever getting brain freeze.

Hey Jenny – Wes isn’t acting, he -really is- cowardly and immature. and who knows, that’s all he may ever be… and Carol? agreed, she pushes cuz she can… Man, that woman is -hot- =)

I would have taken this journal entry to note the slow but steady art shift into something less solid into something a little more scribbly but at the same time more cutesy.

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