774 Parting Shot.

A ghost hunting team was recently allowed into an old hotel in the town I used to live in.  Back when I was there that part of the building was condemned and you couldn’t go in.  So I never got to go, being that I’m a puss and would never sneak in to such a place.  Even now I would like to go in and root around though.  I think that modern “ghost hunting” is horse shit, but old places are still cool to look at and creepy to go inside.

My understanding is that they’ve been restoring it in an attempt to save the building as a historical landmark.  Which is fine.  Last I knew that part of town was a craphole at night, but you can still enjoy it in the daylight, when the creatures of the night wander back to their miserable hovels.  It’s a shame that no one took an interest in it before it got so crappy on main street, but what are you going to do?  If there’s no money in it the motivation is hard to find.  Which brings me back to the ghost hunters.  I suspect they were allowed inside to help create some buzz about the possibilities of a new haunted location for people to come dither around in.  I think that’s a good idea what with the popularity of the paranormal right now, and they better ride that wave while it lasts because it’s coming to a close.

I’m all for it it it helps save historic sites though.


” I think that’s a good idea what with the popularity of the paranormal right now, and they better ride that wave while it lasts because it’s coming to a close.”

Don’t you mean “ghost ride that wave”? Pun intended.

I know you haven’t read Homestuck because of your twitter post yesterday, but I think you should.

It makes the last panel even more amusing.

Finally. :D
The comeback of Crap in a hat!!!

Yes and It has come full circle back around to the first instigator responsible for causing it’s utterance.

such a brilliant little saying, I have proliferated it’s usage among many of the people I know.

Yeah, the ghost hunting thing is getting old. I suppose I am still interested, it’s just that none of the shows are interesting. There’s this one called Ghost Adventures that has some interesting findings, but there’s no way to tell if any of it is real or faked and – good lord – the guys on the show are so damn stupid that my wife and I have come to call it “The Douchebag Ghost Show” so often that I had to go investigate for the original name of the show. The main guy has this way of yelling insipid crap at the ghosts as if that’s suppose to instigate a response. Then of course, if anything does happen, they all scream like children with varying usage of the words “DUDE” and “BRO” and I do use caps on purpose, ’cause I’m pretty sure that’s how they’re using them.

Anyway, as you say, it would be cool to be able to look around buildings like that, but I would just be going in ’cause I love exploring. If ghost stuff happens, then so be it. I just know it won’t. I’ve been working in the same library for years now, with an old house attached to it, and I haven’t seen or heard a single thing that is unexplained. Everyone has a story (some stranger than others) but I’ve been in that house in total darkness – basement to the top floor – and not a single strange thing has ever happened to me. If ghost ‘n stuff do exsist, then they don’t care much for me.

‘The Haunted’ is a good show, airs on TLC and the Outdoor Life Network. The mark of a good ghost hunt is when they call in exorcists after you are done; fnd the show that shows them to find the truly haunted sites.

“As long as they respond, I guess.”
Since he’s responding to Thomas’ subject, I sorta wish he hadn’t said, “respond”. :D

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