775 Escape Plan.

I saw some Green Lantern toys today.  You can tell they’re being a little safer about them than Marvel.  They aren’t as cool or articulated as the Marvel toys are.  A little less expensive too, but not by orders of magnitude.  I feel like DC is a little more pensive about how people will react to their latest offering.  I think it looks fun, but I’m hardly your average nerd.

I seem to recall all the Superman toys sucking.  Maybe that’s part of the problem.  I seem to recall a lot of Superman clearance when they didn’t sell enough of them.  I don’t think I bought a single Batman toy either…  I wonder why I thought all the DC toys sucked.  I think the Batman ones were the wrong scale.  Superman didn’t have a good base toy to buy.  They all had a fatal flaw.  At least the Green Lantern stuff is more or less to scale with the Marvel stuff, if simple.  I actually considered getting one.  until I saw they had a new Powerglide.


Hehe, yep, I’m a sucker for a decent Powerglide too. :)
Never owned the original, or saw him in the cartoon, only saw the toy at school, but those arms gave him so much personality! And I like the A-10 aesthetic, so I even like Cobra Rattler planes.
But I would like a Green Lantern toy, solely for another style of ring to add to my collection.
Though admittedly, I’m fairly impressed with the gimmick accessories they can come with, the transforming ones mostly.

I smell a prank, possibly planned in advance, by Carol. Tom may or may not be in on it (most likely the former)

Lol at Brooksie’s turtle mode. So then to get at the horn the car would have to be unlocked, or have a window open. +10 to ghost if neither.

Yeah, I thought about getting Powerglide too, but then I saw the little Blackout! Heck, I may end up getting Powerglide anyway, at some point. Blackout just trumped him ’cause he came with a tiny Scorpinok. It even turns into a gun! I love those little cyberverse guys.

Anyway, I haven’t bothered with the Green Lantern stuff either. Seen some reviews, and though I’m not one to put articulation as highly important, I think the GL stuff just has too few points of artictulation to be any fun. On top of that, many of them don’t have the joint strength to hold up the green constructs they come with…

i saw some captain america toys out already was really thinking about pic up a mask anda large shiled also a thor hammer

Aw, Thomas is so brave. (Or maybe he just knows he can probably talk his way out of trouble. He seems really good at that.)

the new Powerglide is super awesome. He’s a far better G1 upgrade than that giant Universe one.

the GL toys suck.

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