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I don’t mean to turn the blog portion of the comic into a dream journal, but it’s something I feel comfortable talking about that more people can identify with me about than random video games I play.  That being said, there are, of course, some dreams that will never make it here.   The one I’m about to relate was almost one of those, but I felt like it spoke about something very deep in me and the things I create.

This dream was about a girl I had a crush on many, many, years ago.  I ran into her at a sort of antique shop, flee market, kind of place.  We spoke to each other for a long time about things I won’t relate here.  The kinds of things you speak to someone about when you’ve lived your life fully believing that you would never see them again.  Eventually we finished browsing in the shop, and in our shared past I guess, and stepped outside.  It was cold and I could feel it penetrating me.  Or perhaps it was the a profound sadness I felt as I said good by; knowing, as I did the first time, that it was unlikely I would ever set eyes on her again.  I turned and began walking away.  Just before I sank into my thoughts she spoke one last time.

“You were s’posta kiss me, idiot.”

Before I could turn around I was falling into myself.  I opened my eyes to the darkness of my room.  In that moment I knew something I hadn’t before…  I had given Carol her voice. 


Those are the kind of dreams that when I read them, make me almost cry with a deepened sadness. Those are the kind of dreams where you wake up, eyes wide, sweating, crying or both. /palmface Though, i don’t know why…

o_o Awww.
I used to have a huge crush on a guy but we never got together. There were a lot of factors. I never really got over him because of that. Anyway, so one day I had a dream that I ran into his father at a bar and we got to talking and he told me that the guy was getting married. He thought it was kind of sad because he’d always thought the two of us would get together eventually and that we’d have been married and had a couple of kids by now. Not that he didn’t like the new girl, he did. He just thought it was strange. About a year later I was driving to a roleplaying game with a friend of mine and we got to talking about a random game. Turns out he knew the guy which isn’t surprising since we all play the same games and everything. He said, “Oh yeah. He got married last year,” and then proceeded to tell me about it. I almost ran off the road. He would have gotten married about the same time as I had the dream. It was depressing. I’ve never really forgiven myself (or him) for being so cowardly and giving a relationship a shot. We’re not the same people we used to be so even if, someday, something happened between us, it still wouldn’t be the same.

FUCK BRO! That’s a fucking major dream!!! I wish I had dreams that important! That is such an important revalation you should track her down and tell her that (without appearing to be a stalker) . Or at least tell a really good friend in your life! have you told other people that? because that shit is COSMIC!

Great page also. :D and excuse my f-bombs

First time I’ve commented on here in, like, forever. Wow. I’ve had similar dreams, as most people probably had. They’re really depressing, sometimes not, but usually are.

I believe that dreams are the most mysterious things about the human mind. I’ve had dreams which have come true, dreams that have shed light on past experiences, and dreams of an alternate future or past. If we can learn to fully comprehend our dreams, nothing would be impossible. I’m rambling now, though.

Reading about your dream just now… It made me want to do something, so that I won’t feel regrets later. Thanks, man.

I’m no expert or anything like that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of those cryptic messages the subconsciousness sends out to tell you something you shouldn’t ignore, or forget. Maybe you should get back out there and start dating again, or something like that.

I hate to say this but I really sympathise with reggie right now. I used to work with this girl who was just amazing. I was complelty bewitched by her charms and made sure she new everytime I saw her how I felt about her.

She despised me. Shot me down everyday.

Wow…that’s pretty deep (the dream I mean, obviously). Weird how sometimes you’ll get a sudden revelation as to the true nature of something you’ve done seemingly without much thought.

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