1962 Stormbringer.

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These are the 4 characters I thought would be good to test out this part with. The entire store obviously can’t play at once, so it has to be broken up a bit. Mike has never interacted with Jess that I can remember, which will probably be fun since she’s flirty and he’s lonely. Not fun for him, but fun for me.

The other day I was backing up my files and somehow dumped all the old format pages in with the new format pages. So my web archive is now a complete mess. It’s not a total disaster, but it takes more searching to find the actual current pages when I save and upload now. I haven’t figured out how to separate the two types yet, so I’m just rolling with it for the time being. If nothing else I have all the files safe at least.


Friends don’t let friends cosplay as their characters at the gaming table. That… always ends poorly. Always.

It didn’t happen to me, but-
Nothing is more embarrassing than to wear your ninja/ thief’s costume, + props, + prop weapons…at a D + D game, and then a random person asks you- “Aren’t you a little OLD for halloween?”
[That can bug you, if you’re 15 or older.]

My favourite comeback by a friend – We do our role-playing outside the bedroom.

Mine is usually to just look at them straight in the face, raise an eyebrow, stare and wait for them to dig the hole ever deeper.

Heh, heh!
I like those replies.
One of my favorite “come-backs” is:
“well, I was going to wear something different, but I knew I couldn’t beat the nerdy costume that YOU are wearing!”


In my DnD group we have a guy who plays a Tabaxi…and yes he dons his costume as much as possible

Then you need to repeatedly say to him:

“Did you have any lööp, brøther?”


“Hand me the lööps, brøther!”

Occasionally bring him Fruit Loops as well.

Chaotic Neutral is the best alignment in the book. Book even says so. :P
(I know I know it does and it doesn’t. It does say that CN is the best alignment, but then… it says that for every alignment.)

The entire store obviously can’t play at once, so it has to be broken up a bit.

Real life wise… bah humbug that is just a challenge.

You can do it on company time and call it a weekly training exercise in group problem solving /project management and maintenance of inter-department communications.

Comic wise… the entire theme would translate into yet another fantasy comic

So i can see why that should be avoided.

It’s also a morale builder! At that store, they need it.

Looking at the foundation and the building material – they could build a very nice hut , maybe even a hovel.

My money is on a discount tent …..
[smith&smith reference]

I thought it was a Red Green reference: “The Winter of our Discount Tent.”

Smith & Smith was their original variety show produced out of Streetsville with his wife Morag (sp).

The Red Green Show was a spin-off once the networks “discovered” that his brand of humour was popular.

The Show was built on the Discount Tents and Handyman Corner characters. Not sure of Rick Green did anything in that show. The Scouting skits and some others did not carry over due to issues with various groups and the obvious Canadianisms which the American Networks treat as poison but the characters did migrate with little if any modifications.

They should play Ed the old Dead Alewives audiosketch and impress on him that this is what real roleplaying nights are like. (Which is why that thing is so popular to this day, IMHO. It’s so real.)

It boggles the mind to think how far Jess could take that thought if she wanted to. That girl does just what she wants to. ‘Course she doesn’t have to take it the direction I’m thinking, but if she does, I’m on board!

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