2377 Of Lesser Men.

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Lesser men covet the achievements of their betters. Guard against them. They will empty their storehouses then ravage yours. They will only be satisfied when everyone has nothing.

Kind of a dramatic opener, wouldn’t you say? When someone comes along and takes a chunk of your land because the state wants it for something it might not seem so melodramatic. Sometimes what is or isn’t yours comes down to your ability to defend it. Something to ponder other than your orb maybe.


I believe I heard somewhere, maybe it was a piece of fiction, maybe not, that the government “owns” all the land in a senior deed or title or something, and everyone else only “owns” land under a junior deed or title, so that if the government decides they want land they can claim imminent domain under the senior deed/title. I could also have just dreamed this a long time ago and misremembered it as fact.

And then there’s the matter of property taxes. In any jurisdiction with a property tax, you’re effectively just renting land from the government. Since they retain the power to seize it if you don’t pay up, you never really own it.

>Lesser men covet the achievements of their betters. Guard against them. They will empty their storehouses then ravage yours. They will only be satisfied when everyone has nothing.

I feel I should recognize this. Can you jog my memory?

Personally I’m a big fan of the idea of ownership going “Hell deep and Heaven High”. In reality my part of the world (oil field) is mostly divided up into surface rights and mineral rights. Anything that had the possibility of oil underneath it had the mineral rights sold off long ago. My family does have some land where they own all the rights but if you dig very deep you hit granite that runs all the way to the earth’s core. My family did lose some land to a federal project. I think the agency was Bureau of Reclamation but I would have to look it up. I can still look across the lake that was the project and see the remnants of roads that carried my school bus and can point out the location of my aunt and uncles farm. Some of the farmers cussed quite a bit over the loss of the land but even though we lost some land my dad was always pretty sanguine about it. We got a pretty good price for the land at a time when the economy was kind of slack (early 1970’s). There hasn’t been a lot of development in the area as it is off the beaten path but the lake is an important reservoir and the local community and my family if perticular have seen a net benefit.

Starting to see more in common between her and Reggie. It’s one thing to work in a well-to-do family, but another to have that sense of pride and superiority.
Carol fits right in too, with her own sheer confidence.

Honestly, though, it’d simply be intellectually dishonest for Alex (or anyone, for my money) to pretend that there aren’t degrees when it comes to people; as the next comic shows, by “lesser men”, Alex specifically seems to be talking about power-hungry political types, but even in general there are brutish hordes congregating everywhere who want the world to burn just because THEY weren’t born with the highest degree of privilege, philistines who hate the idea of anyone having “superior” education, etc etc. It’s an unpleasant truth, but true nevertheless, however rarely addressed (tedious egalitarianism as an ideal seems to rule the roost nowadays, even aside from the fact that… none of us live that reality, just look at the COVID situation).

That’s true- lesser men, lesser women, + any type of lesser adults, can do that kind of stuff.

I really like, [the irony?], that someone, who probably has problems seeing through all of that hair, can “see” SO MUCH about people!
Hee, hee! :D

Why do you think that she has so much hair? Because she’s seen so much and she wants not to.

That’s a good point. :)

I can’t do that philosophy, I just can’t.
If I added lots of extensions to my hair, every time I heard bad news, by the end of the month, I’d look like “Cousin IT”!

I’ve heard almost that exact thing being said when trying to protect a local trade school and trying to expand it. In my experience that is the true enemy of building something for the community. Lesser men want to put their name on it and make it theirs instead of ours.

Government never saw a pot of money without wanting to spend it. …why congress raids social Security for the budget.

never happened. They borrowed the excess that was taken in above and beyond what was to be put out, HOWEVER there is no Social secuity trust fund never was. The government also backed what every was taken with bonds.

And before you argue I used to work there

Yep, the “Trust Fund” is a fairy tale. It’s “invested” in government bonds, which are ultimately nothing more than IOU’s drawn against future taxes.

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