2378 Barbarians At The Gate.

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It’s been a long time since Xmas has fallen in such a way that I won’t have to spend all my time worrying about how I’m going to get the next page up on time. The only bright spot in a year of troubles. At least as far as the calendar is concerned. I guess there’s no point in dwelling on it.
If you celebrate it then I hope you have a happy & safe time. If not, I hope you’re just happy and safe. Take care on icy roads & don’t lick any of those delicious looking doorknobs.


Oh wow I’m here early, before any comments early. Jackie my read this. I got a few things. I really love your been a long time read, found your comic back in 2011-2012. Have been enjoying it ever since. Not very good at comment, I typically avoid as I don’t like my thoughts to be broadcast much or set in any form of stone. when I do I some times fail to convey what I want to say. What I want to say is that you are enough, what you have given your readers is so much more most could, you have given many of us a play to escape, ways to reflect, characters to relate to, and have shared you life. It may sound odd but I have learn a lot from reading this comic and would say that with out it and you stories below it, I would not be the better person that I am. So thank you for being you.

Thanks for a great comic, I love how much thought you put into your chacarters and how they interact with the world and the people in it. Long ago I clicked a link with a sexy Jo in it and ended up here and I was amazed by what I read then and still continue to be. Please remember to take care of yourself, you are awesome!

Jackie (and everyone else reading this too of course), I wish you (and all your loved ones) a, as good as is possible under the circumstances, happy holiday weekend, healthy last week of 2021, and all the very best for 2022! …Thanks for yet another year of great comics!!! Greetings from The Netherlands.

In the final emergency, I say she should emulate Andrew Ryan and burn the place to the ground. Ideally after removing any unique manuscripts first for secret donation to a reputable university library.

“Their desire for control is extreme, even for politicians.”

For a long time, now, I’ve been of the opinion that anyone who wants a position of power is thereby disqualified disqualified for that position. Wanting power is an indication that they will have a tendency to abuse it.

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