Recipe for hypermeth when? Asking for a friend.

Just don’t eat/drink carbonated colas, + eat pop rocks at the same time!!!!
THAT will summon the Cthulhu monster, named: HASTUR!

[Hee hee hee!]

My family used to be rich, until my great-grandfather ran away to fight in WW1.
The money was made from the slave trade though, so I consider this to be a good outcome.

Toward the end of his life, my father said he found pretty good evidence that his maternal grandfather’s family had been involved in the slave trade. He never told me the details, but told my brother that one of them is buried somewhere around Baltimore.

If I knew where, I’d go find that grave.

In the middle of the night.

And piss on it.

“Premium gaming skins, VR hookers, and hypermeth” is a thing I want to make happen.

Alex and then Carol are already referring to our librarian as a grandmother. Is this literal, or figurative, and is Reggie blushing off-panel?

It leaves you to wonder how many of us would not be here but for our ancestors poor business decisions. I don’t think any of my family have been wealthy but some have been prosperous. My maternal great grandfather lost his blacksmithing business after he loaned his brother a large sum of money and the brother ran off with it. He migrated to Texas to start over. My paternal grandfather was reasonably successful in the cotton business but then his cotton gin burned and the great depression took most of the farmland. If not for those sorts of events, two poor teenagers would have never met and eventually become my parents.

Another struggle that traditional libraries have, is-
that a lot of people are turning too Kindle books, aka electronic books, over physical books.

Also, a lot of people, now, are reading books online, or on their computer-device, rather than going to a physical library.

Balancing [the Kindle books people’s needs] + the virtual-library-people’s needs, versus the needs of people [who like physical libraries + physical books], is sort of a puzzle for many librarians.

It’s more than a struggle; it’s basically a death knell. And honestly, it’s only strict copyright laws that really keep such technology from ravaging traditional media companies (and libraries) much faster. Well, outside of technical research libraries–until we reach a stage where literally everything is digital, we’ll still have those. Can’t say it upset me that much though. Maybe I just grew up around bad libraries or didn’t know how to use them, but they rarely had what I wanted (or they’d have like books 1, 4, and 5, in a 6-book series). I actually got more use out of used-book stores.

VR hookers are such a scam, you never get what you think you paid for, but hopefully you bought the hypermeth early, so it can help you cope with the massive disappointment of knowing that those premium skins have emptied all your family’s accounts….

Having looked at the closest thing to VR hookers, yeah, they really are a disappointment. It’s not much fun when it’s a 3d cartoon performing pre-rendered actions according to your inputs, with no free will, no matter how cool it looked in the new Bladerunner. Before we perfect sex-bots, we’ll have VR hookers with AI, mark my words.

…..close to home. Legit until my mom’s generation my family knew wealth but wealth is inherited through the male line. So it all went to my great Uncles and my grandmother was taken care of by her executive husband. My mom married poor and my family was poor until I was 11.

I work a low level office job and make enough to live on but I’ll never be confused for wealthy. Sometimes it’s not frittering away the wealth just being born into the part of the family that doesn’t get to inherit any of it.

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