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Does Thomas suspect my divine hand in their world?! I think he does! XD I couldn’t resist this moment of… I’m not even sure what to call it. This page and the next split in a funny way. I felt like this part could kind of be on its own where as the next needed more words. I guess you can judge for yourselves on Wednesday.

The Teen went boating with her brother this weekend. She had a good time but the net result was the loss of her expensive camera we got her for Christmas. I say loss, but what I mean by that is it got rained on. Thoroughly enough to corrode the insides. I’ve never seen water do that much damage in the span of a day. In any even the internals were damaged beyond my skill to repair them. The weird corrosion seeped into all the important parts too, leaving less vital portions unharmed. If I didn’t know better I’d say it looked like an assassination rather than an accident. Hopefully we bought accident insurance, but it may just be a lost cause. Maybe someone will have a use for a broken camera on ebay.

I picked up Shovel Knight for the 3DS. If you own a 3DS it’s a must have title. The quality of the craftsmanship is really amazing. The game itself is kind of like a bunch of old Capcom games merged into a strange adventure. Duck Tales and Mega Man are the most accurate parents I’ve heard suggested. Anyway, look up a review and decide for yourself. For my part I recommend it strongly.

I forgot to say that you can get Shovel Knight on lots of other things too, so look for it even if you don’t have a 3DS.

Also, before I forget, thanks to all the new Patreon supporters. I appreciate the help.


Might be salt water combined with rain water, or salt water alone – if they got hit by substantial spray, it’s quite corrosive. One of the reasons metal boats are such a PITA is that you are constantly CONSTANTLY checking for corrosion. And metal boats are at least theoretically built to try and resist that; they’re literally built to go on salt water!

Cameras by contrast are super susceptible which is why there is such a booming sideline in marine cameras. Expensive as heck though.

…Of course that only applies if it was a marine environment, which I only thought of after posting because I am a dork. That said, if there was any kind of grit in the water spray, that will also be more corrosive than just rainwater. Beyond that, I got nothing. Acidification of rainwater, maybe? Nerdette I may be but I got nada!

Acidification is quite likely depending on the locale and what is upwind. In my area we get lots of the sulfur and ozone and other airborne fun from the Ohio Valley. One of the lab techs, as part of the commissioning of another new HPLC system ran some rainwater through just to see what the maximum sensitivity would show. You would not believe some the crap that was at significant detectable levels.

So for next time – get a waterproof case if going anywhere near water or inclement weather.

There are cameras that are only moderately more expensive which are generally made more shock and water resistant. Nikon has one in its coolpix line (or did when I was buying a new camera a few years back).

I’m a bit clumsy and fumblefingered so I could easily drop a camera onto pavement or into water. I wanted a camera that could survive being owned by me. :)

All I’m saying is Battery Acid. If a battery busted and the rainwater dissolved the acid, that would cause the amount of corrosion described. The battery wouldn’t even have to be noticably broken either. Even just a needle sized hole could’ve caused that kind of damage. Hell so long as the water could get at any acid to dissolve it, the damage would be the same.

Water, with any contaminates, crossing traces and the battery terminals creates shorts that would fry most sensitive components…

Then there is the capacitor for the flash.

the flash is actually one of the only working parts. I’m guessing the light sensor got ruined, the control panel definitely did, the lenses could probably be cleaned, but I didn’t want to completely disassemble the casing for it since it’s on a floating thing.

I was going to say something along the lines of “stroking your ego,” but the innuendo squad is out in full force, it seems.

Once again, glad that your imagination exceeds that of others who have designed female characters. *cough* BioWare.

And his nose improvement is completely overshadowed by the humor, it looks great man. Just so you know, that wasn’t intentional. I never intend to pun, it just happens. It is my gift, it is my curse.

Is this comic’s fourth wall going to stand? Is Nina going to discover this comic in updates to come? O_O

Just for the new Nina artwork im gonna have to add 5$ a month to your patreon account, look for it thursday!

and as always great work please keep it up

I keep thinking Carol should have responded with something along the lines of “are you complementing me or the designer? Cause trust me buddy, complementing me is what increases your chances of getting lucky. ;)” But that opens up a whole other line of who makes sure that Thomas gets what he wants . . . this is a becoming a black hole really quickly.

Thought Mag-Lites were water proof. Went frog gigging once, and found out different. The water actually took the silver off the reflector-leaving blue plastic. Weird. Also, make sure the person in the lead is shorter than you, and/or can’t swim. Gives you advance notice of the water depth.

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