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On the off chance you haven’t seen the Animal Crossing creepypasta I wrote here is a link.



I came so close to a perfect run on State Of Decay. I had saved every person up till the last HVT, but then the game wouldn’t give me the extraction mission. So I had to wait and wait, hoping that the game would actually let me end the playthrough without it being a game over. When it finally sorted itself out it spawned a rescue mission in an infested location. The survivor was dead by the time I ran to the door. TOTAL BULLSHIT. In addition to that I got scolded for letting another mission fail, except the mission never actually spawned. It was invisible to me, so I couldn’t complete it. I still got a really good score, but I was kind of soured on the game after so many bugs kept screwing me over. I might go back to it when the angry subsides.
This time around things were very different than before. I had no special teammates, and zombies kept getting into the compound. It was really weird. I’ve only ever had a zombie get into the LZ one other time that I observed, outside a siege mission. On that occasion it managed to kill a survivor because my whole team was asleep AT THE SAME TIME. What kind of CO would let that happen? Not a very good one. Anyway it was weird after so many times playing where the zombies rarely came down further than the off ramp leading to the base. I had special infected and walkers strolling around constantly. Of course my guys managed to keep everyone safe, so it wasn’t a big deal, but still.
I also found out that you can stand in this one place inside the LZ and whip grenades and stuff into a place where zombies spawn rapidly. The upside of doing this is that if you have a gun out at the same time it counts every kill towards your shooting stat. Meaning that if you have a lot of grenades, firebombs, or what have you, you can max out the stat pretty quick. Of course I don’t want them to fix this so I’m not telling anyone who might. One glitch in my favor is at least something to offset the ones that aren’t. The downside to doing that is that if you use grenades that actually explode it brings in zombies from everyplace. So you have to make sure they don’t attack the base from the other side while you’re cheaply thinning the herd. I got really good at shooting this last time. I’m usually pretty terrible at that sort of thing, but I did it so much this time I actually managed to learn how to keep my cool when I needed to. Which led to the siege missions going way better than usual. Instead of wasting grenades on single zombies that were about to break down the gates I was able to help pick them off and save explosives for bigger threats.
I’ve certainly gotten my 7 bucks worth out of the game, no question about that.


Man Jackie… hearing you talk about this is making me want to pull the trigger on my wish list and actually get state of decay. I kept hearing it’s good, but I’ve been on too much of a monster hunter kick right now to do much pc gaming.

Wanna talk glitches… thief 3, deadly shadows. You get water arrows in the game used to douse torches. Even torches carried by guards. Nothing funnier than hitting a guard in the face with a water arrow, extinguishing his torch, hiding in the shadows, watching him run around like a mad man, than sheath his sword saying “must have been my own echo”

That doesn’t sound like glitches, that sounds like how the arrow should work… you want to talk glitches: Try Saints Row the Third, the roommate was driving over a bridge and a car coming the other direction, out of nowhere, popped its nose straight up and got caught on the overhang, which I saw, but the roommate didn’t, because she was concentrating on the mission, and because things like that are extremely common in the game.

I think the “glitch” is the guard says it was his echo after being shot with water and his torch going out. Which isn’t possible for his echo to do. Sadly however they only have so many lines to pull from. A glitch I encountered was a game breaker, in thousand arms, or was it grandia, I got to the final area, and there is a merchant, in my play the merchant didn’t sell anything, and I tried reloading my save, nothing, ever. I was out of everything and had a TON of money, but I was locked where I was, with no means to buy or level.

To tell the truth, your creepypasta wasn’t all that scary. But for the first time in a long while, I cried long and hard over a stranger. Last time I cried like that was when the Going Merry went down, and Maes Hughes the time before that. The sheer idea that someone would spend that much time designing a world where they could pretend that they would live long enough to enjoy the life they dreamed of hit me in a way that hadn’t been touched in a long while. So, that was a thing.

My daughter totally has that AC 3DS. I will not show her your story. ;) I lovew state of decay, bugs and all, but I haven’t tried lifeline yet. Still whittling away at Breakdown. About to go into rank 3 with the same survivors, no deaths in 2. But I know it gets harder!

I haven’t gone past level 5 in breakdown, but everything I’ve done there so far was a cakewalk compared to lifeline. It’s a shakeup to the things you expect. I mean I used to just wade into hordes like a maniac and come out practically unhurt. They’ll murder the crap out of you if you try that stunt unprepared in lifeline. And if you lose your nerve halfway through and try to run they will chase your ass down. Plus, the specials are all over. Big ones with screamer escorts. I mean they just ruin your day if you don’t pay attention.

I think Thomas is the Magnificent Bastard many guys aspire to be (but the never get past the ass part).

Okay, I had to explore that. Good thing I don’t have much to do today… My (precocious) 15-year-old niece mentioned a Homestuck creepypasta around Christmastime, but I didn’t plow into the concept at the time.

Your story was pretty good (your prose fiction generally is), but dude, that would have been so cool around Halloween (so you gotta do another one in Octobrrrr).

I don’t see how the ac thing is supposed to be scary, now if stuff from his infected yours, things started affecting the real world, like messages from nonexistant players, telling you things and places to go to see them… that would start getting creepy.

was your creepypasta a real anecdote, or just a story? If it really happened, it’s pretty tragic.I would almost tell your friend not to delete the town, because that’s what remains of a little girl’s life.
now I’m sad.

For those who are asking about creepypasta:

It’s not always very scary. Creepy, and unsettling is more what creepypasta goes for. I think most good creepypasta writers keep a younger audience in mind, since most don’t use gore or anything very explicit.

Most of the really good ones are just kind of “off” if you really consider it psychologically. It’s sort of like someone who intentionally uses uncanny valley to make something look weird, but still manages to pull off an endearing aesthetic in spite of being intentionally off-putting.

Another way of saying is you can still go to sleep that night, but it might take you thirty more minutes than usual.

Kris Straub actually pulled off a pretty good one back in the day before he worked with PATV. (Creator of Chainsaw Suit and Checkerboard Nightmare, among others.) I don’t know if it would count as creepypasta because his wasn’t specifically related to video games. Of course, I had not heard the term “creepypasta” at all by that time.

Creepypasta relates to any genre, it can be shows movies games, anything. But usually involving something that already exists. The “hidden”episode of mlp:fim for example is a creepypasta, but it relates to an episode already aired (twilight was late sending a letter to celestia and goes a little crazy) “cupcakes” I think it was called is a creepypasta too relating to the episode “party of one” tails doll which relates to a bug in sonic r, and I know there are some movie ones I just can’t think of any at the moment.

I’ll give the creepypasta a read. I want to look into State of Decay. I heard about it but don’t know much.

Well…I discovered Between Failures for myself last night – about eighteen hours ago – and have spent most of those eighteen hours (or at least ten of them which translates into most, go away I do maths) reading diligently through from the beginning. And I have to say. This is a damn good webcomic. I follow quite a few, but not many actually attract me due to story, art style, character development, and general appeal. I really like this one. And the level of author involvement with us readers is amazing. Most webcomic-ers who put a blog-y type post after the comic do so at the start then dry up quickly. That you haven’t is commendable.

I particularly like Brooksie’s development and character; ninJo, all the way. Nina is, I think, my second favourite character, and one with astonishing depths that I have to say I did not expect when I first saw her. Reggie, perhaps surprisingly, is third. I think he is a brilliant character. Yes, he’s a dick – but, as has been so well shown, he’s a principled, ethical dick. And a hardworking one, when he puts his mind to it. He’s also the most real character – not that I feel any are not real, but somehow he is the most real of a very real cast. Does that make sense?

Carol reminds me a lot of Fae from Questionable Content.

Anyway, great work! You now have another dedicated fan.

First of all I compliment your resolve. Way to stick with it!
Secondly allow me to thank you for giving my work a try and for the positive reinforcement. I’ve tried to make all the characters complex enough to care about. I haven’t gotten to them all equally, but whatchagonnadoamirite?
I hope to see you around the comments from time to time.

Punish him? Hmmm are they kinky as a garden hose, or is this a turn of phrase? I think I know which one I’d rather. xD

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