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Neil’s comic seems familiar but is certainly very distinct from other comics in a legal sense. Very distinct legally… That pig also seems familiar somehow… He’s a fucking master at subtle commentary. Truly he is a misunderstood genius.

John is even managing to charm his way past Neil. Showing even the slightest interest in a webcomic is the best way to trick a cartoonist into doing stuff for you. Their intense desire for love and attention makes them slavishly serve, until such time that they think enough people love them that it doesn’t matter if they are an asshole. (subtle commentary. Not just Neil is a misunderstood genius apparently…)


Do you need love and hugs, J.T.? You sound like maybe you want love and hugs.

I always want those things.

After reading these replies, I’ve decided a meet up of you and your fans needs to happen. When it does, I will hug everyone, starting with you, J.T.

If you want to ingratiate yourself AND mess with them, you should congratulate the artists on extremely vague symbolism that isn’t there and see if they accept the praise.

By the way, apropos of nothing, I love the way Neil’s character represents the post watershed point of comics as an electronic medium and the potential for nesting sub-genres when exposed to what is essentially an unlimited audience base and how this reflects on American society as a whole in a post Bush/Reagan/9-11 world.

(See what I did there?)

You need to number your Bushes. It’s a thing we do now. Because people do it.

Older Bush is Bush41. Younger is Bush43.

You know, I’m goofing on the practice, but now that I think of it, it is really handy.

And they look like internet handels! Oh! I’m a convert, now. \(*^ ^*)?

Stroke him, John. Make him feel appreciated. Thaaat’s the way to make him all nicey-nice.

And then you get an artist
Says he doesn’t want to paint at all
He takes an empty canvas
And sticks it on the wall
The birds of a feather
All the phonies and all of the fakes
While the dealers they get together
And they decide who gets the breaks
And who’s going to be in the gallery…

–Mark Knopfler / Dire Straits
In The Gallery

Just @Jackie, whatever you do, do not let Neil do a guest strip for you. He’ll end up recasting the time period to the early 1900s and have Brooksie selling melted phonograph cylinders from an ice cream cart or something…

You know what I hate about your comic, Jackie?

I keep wanting spinoffs of this crazy thing.

First, it was a Mr. Melvil comic set in the past.

Then a Ms. Melvil comic.

Now I want a Yiff in Hell side comic.

I hate you.

Now go and make me these things.

Common. Making comics is easy. It’s just scribbles and color.

Or, you might ask for permission to use the characters and maybe do it yourself/collaborate with Jackie on the matter.

Oh! Nice idea!

This comic stuff looks so easy. I’ll just draw some awesome sample comics to show everyone how it’s done…

(Hours pass.)

Hmm. This is taking a little longer then expected.


(Hours pass.)

Stupid lines won’t obey my will!

(Hours pass.)


(Hours pass.)

Sorry gentlemen.

A random dog eat my awesome comics.

I’ll let you know when the muse hits me again.

I really enjoyed reading Between Failures before it deteriorated. It used to be deeper, more in tune with how life actually can be. I’m proud of your work on this comic, J.T., but the comic feels like it’s lost it’s authenticity, which is what made me want to read it in the first place. Now your characters feel superficial and flat, and you use more gimmicks and memes to appeal to us rather than relatable experiences. I don’t say this to be a troll or be mean, but this comic had so much potential to be more than just a comic – it could be a way to show people that life isn’t just defined by failures, but also the successes between them. Between Failures. Of course, Thomas’s relationship with Carol is thus far a success, but what about everyone else? I haven’t seen enough character development in anyone else to warrant success, except maybe Jo. Another point I have is that you focus too many comics at a time on one set of characters. I would love to see what the other characters are up to. I miss them. If it’s been so long since you’ve shown a character that I forget what they were last doing when I saw them, it’s been too long. Again, I don’t say this to be a jerk. I really like your comic and appreciate your efforts. Please continue the comic, but also consider what I have said. Thanks.

I can only make these so fast and character development doesn’t happen overnight. I can’t establish the other characters until I paint in the broad strokes of their life first. That’s how you build a world. John never got a story, so now he gets his time. I can only juggle so many characters at a time. I can only deal with so much disaster in my real life at the same time. I sorry that I can’t present perfection in one epic movement, that is beyond my skill. I can’t even sit in a chair right now to work on this thing. Every fucking day it’s a struggle to get one more thing done. I feel like I’m doing okay all things considered. Even now I’m responding to you from the floor of my filthy room. I just want to go to sleep, but I’m going to keep shoveling out this shit till I feel like I’ve said my piece. My efforts are bound by the basic truism that I founded the comic on. This is what happens in the times between.

Look, I apologize for saying something so arrogant. I really do enjoy your comic. I’m sorry that you are going through so much. I never said I expected a masterpiece, just authenticity. Thank you for replying to me even though what I said was not supportive of you. I just want you to know that I do appreciate your work and I don’t intend to bring you down. I am truly sorry for upsetting you. I understand good work takes time. I respect you for your honesty.

My brain is melting from the newest… friendo Jackie. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MAKE MY INTERNAL ORGANS DRIBBLE OUT OF MY SKULL?!

are you and agouti still friends? sometimes i kind of have trouble differentiating affectionate parodies between friends and not-so-affectionate parodies between former friends.

We are friends. He got a kick out of being the inspiration for Neil.

okay, cool! XD and is it okay if i ask who the pig dude is supposed to be? or at least another hint? b/c that one is kind of lost on me. i fear i’m quite dumb. XB

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