936 Nice Tactic, Dumbass.

I love this little moment with Wes. The sarcasm is probably so deep it’s hard to walk through.

My workd schedule got screwed up, so I’m still working on last weeks pages. Normally I’d be done with those and on to this week’s. Because of this I haven’t thought about much apart from finishing them. As such I don’t have much to say. Having not watched the news or anything I feel a little cut off from the world. More so than I usually do anyway. XD

I got my ebay account working again and everything sorted out, so I can start selling off my random junk in earnest. My test sale went poorly in so much as I totally miscalculated shipping, but whatever. The thing is out of my life, so I win overall. My only problem now is not being able to sell stuff because I know I have all the parts someplace. I can’t bring myself to actually sell the things if there is any doubt that I may yet have all the accessories. T^T So I need to find those.


“My only problem now is not being able to sell stuff because I know I have all the parts someplace.”

While some might find that a bit neurotic, as a long time eBay user, I thank you. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve bought something listed as “like new,” only to find that all I get is the item; no packaging, no instructions, no accessories; because the moron selling it decided that wasn’t worth keeping track of.


I love any moment of verbal badassery. Carols here is pretty nice. Thomas is generally the winner overall though.

I wish I could draw hands better… they’re the only thing I can’t draw and when I see pros like you drawing them I get kinda sad inside.

In the grand scheme of things I don’t draw hands particularly well, but I draw them with conviction, so people don’t give me much crap about it. XD

The trick I always use for drawing hands is that I draw robot hands like in the old Transformer comics. Then cut away bits till they are like people hands, more or less.

Maybe that trick would work for you.

Still wondering how it is only Wes and John seem to have been hit so far. Shouldn’t Reggie have suffered almost as much in the fight with Mike? He gets points for using Wes as bait, so I would think he wouldn’t have as much chalk dust on him, but none at all?

Granted, we haven’t seen Nina and Ed since the whole nerf war began, but Nina apparently has some uncanny dodging skills, so I imagine her clothing is still pristine. And I suppose Thomas spent most of the day at the front with Carol where no one brought the war to them. And Mike can apparently block shots with impunity with his axe. And Jolene is naturally stealthy and hidey.

So I guess that leaves Reggie and Ed, and we haven’t seen Ed yet. Still, then! Why isn’t Reggie marked at least a little?

OH MY GOSH I just realized Wes is just a skinny, slightly less horny Johnny Bravo. Also, just started reading the comic a weekish ago, etc. etc. Nice to meet all of you

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