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This is a weird scene pairing. I wonder how long before people start shipping them. You know what I ship? Your wallet & my patreon and/or subscribestar. (I’m so fucking good at selling!) Anyway, I look forward to the fan fiction about Jo becoming Reggie’s step mom that is an inevitability now. There’s already one alternate timeline that exists on the discord in the mind of one man, so let’s add to the insanity. It will be legitimately difficult for you guys to write weirder alternate universe things than I have…


Looking forward to this conversation but jesus the concept of stepmom Jo fanfic is ridiculous xD someone get on that

Frankly, I prefer the idea of Reggie’s dad becoming Jo’s replacement “almost-dad” much more interesting.

A short fanfic-
In a surprise romance: Alex suddenly marries the tall customer-guy from Patricia’s shop,…a movewhich leaves a lot of the male cast in sorrowful tears. *sad violins start playing*
[ That would be soooo mean! Hee hee hee!]

Hahaha! What a totally unexpected encounter! It’s already shaping up to be a great conversation.

I’m broke. Would you like some fan fiction about my wallet fucking your Patreon? Best I can do right now. Or next month really, I’m busy this month. Being a student sucks.

I’m guessing this, but- I’m glad that Jo didn’t think that the person-in-the-shadows was a physical danger to anyone. To me, that means she feels defended in this neighborhood, or that she can defend herself. I think.

Another fanfic idea:

[next week]…Jo or Maddie marries Reggie’s Dad!

This makes Jo or Maddie into Reggie’s Mom, which makes Reggie do The dance of the seven conniptions!

The Dad: “Are you one of Reggie’s friends?”

Jo: “Reggie Boothe is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.

The Dad: “Okay, either you know a lot about movies, or you’ve never met my son. Perhaps both.”

I thought they were closer to friends at one point..?

That response is so bold to me IMO, just straight up saying that to his parent. I don’t think of coworkers as friends either, but damn okay.
At least he doesn’t give a shit LOL

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