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I’m too tired & annoyed to write a blog.
Not too tired & annoyed to secure that bag though!
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The new page isn’t up because I suddenly got really sick tonight & haven’t been able to finish it. I’ll have it done as soon as I stop being sick.


I dunno, to me she seems less “troubled” and more “worn down” by getting a bunch of bad cards in a row. Like a bunch: absent father (was shot?), living with Uncle (IIRC), anxious in social settings,… etc. and she seems to almost have a handle on things – and the things are looking up, only she still has the anxiety. She plays the smoll card effectively and to great advantage, but as I always tell folks, “Beware the cute ones.”

Not to get picky, but what time of year is it in-universe?

I remember John and Brooksie pledging to try to quit at the end of the calendar year, and this strip got me wondering how much time had passed since then.

Yep…always watch your wallet around adorable smol things wearing bear hats and smoking. One minute you’re all, awwww…and then, boom. Shank to the kidney.

…don’t ask me how I know this.

Yeah, I know what you mean.
I was once at a party with Babe Ruth.
I walked into some woods, + a dude in a bear costume beat me up, + took my wallet.

Mugging bears, man. You got to watch out for those mugging bears!

That’s stereotyping, man, and I resent it.

Not all we bears are muggers.

It’s just a hobby I do on weekends.

-“I don’t usually kill things, but when I do, it’s because they were things and I’m a bear.” -Pufnstuff

Gosh, sorry dude.
I didn’t know it was like that. ^^;
I’ll quickly change my opinion of you, dear ursine person.
And I will support your right to keep and arm bears.

I think that Brooksie in high school would have been the girl who hung out on the periphery of the area where the cool kids smoked. On the edge of things but never really a part.

@ValdVin “wondering how much time had passed since then.”

Well, considering the first day took over 300 pages, I’d say offhand, “probably not that much.”

I know! However, there is no randomness in Jackie’s work. Every day has a morning, afternoon, and night, people’s clothing changes each day, the arcs build nicely on character developments, etc.

I’m older than Jackie and I wonder if this will be running (I hope so) when my grandniece gets to Brooksie’s age.

Just sayin’ Reggie’s dad has an unexpected amount of street smarts. Looking for security cameras in the area he parks his car instead of just assuming it is safe and the lot has security.

This is probably too much information, but-

I hope that you’re doing well, right now.

I hope that you are improving, Jackie.

[Just today, I heard that a friend of mine is doing badly, health-wise.
I won’t tell you about it because I hate depressing a lot of people. So, anyway I’m probably feeling very sensitive right now.]

I hope that you’re doing well, Jackie.
We really like you, + we hope that you are doing OK.
Cheers, TRA.

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