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Ooooof. Something made me violently ill last night for about 6 hours. I suspect it was the pickled sausage I had. It wasn’t food poisoning, since it was hours before I got sick, but something disagreed with me, and still is arguing even now. I slept long enough to get my act together & do my job though, so here is the page. Late, but still on the day it was meant to be posted. About 7 hours after the regular upload time. The Teen is coming to visit today, so hopefully I’m not sick for very much longer. Feel free to subscribe to my patreon if you respect my dedication to my work. Or whatever service you prefer.


Once again we see that Mr. Booth is not so arrogant as to ignore the facts laid before him. He really strikes me as a man who really is trying his best to provide an example and standards for his children, even if it distances him from them more than he likes. Every time we see Mr. Booth the more I like him. He, like the rest of the cast, is more than a caricature. It’s one of the reasons I like this comic. Everyone feels real, because I’ve known people like them.

True bacterial food poisoning can take up to a couple of days to take effect.
The immediate “open the sluice gates” effect that most people call food poisoning is more a reaction to toxins already in the food.

Ugh, had a bacterial infection from a sleezy food truck..I wasn’t feeling so hot (nauseous, but otherwise no symptoms. More bloated by the day) but still went to work. It took until day 3 for me to wake up 4am, and a volcano pointed down on one end and a noisy faucet on the other.

In better news, turns out I was hardly the only one affected that weekend and that food truck was shut down soon after.

Agreed, most of the time when I get food poisoning, I get it the day after I eat the infected food.

I’ve really come to like Mr. Boothe. His children are definitely justified in feeling distant from their father, but he seems pretty down to earth and it appears as if he recognizes that. He’s more than just an out-of-touch father figure.

People like to talk, especially to young people, about “making good choices.” What they seem bound and determined to ignore, though, is that most of the time, no one really knows what a “good choice” actually is until well after its effects are felt. I think Mr. Boothe here is running into that phenomenon; he believed he was doing right by the kids by trying to raise them to be independent and not just “trust fund babies” in the worst sense, but what he’s done instead is alienate his own children.

That’s why they say wisdom comes with age. Or as I told my children: “Don’t make my mistakes, go and make your own!”

But the national smoking age is 21 now! you’re contributing to the delinquency of imaginary minors!

Marbleton Kansas doesn’t exist either. We’re gonna have to come to some kind of arrangement concerning suspension of disbelief here…

I was today years old when I learned that this comic takes place in Marbleton.

And I wonder if they play Riverdale in football, basketball, and baseball. (Okay, this would have been a lot funnier before the show Riverdale, which looks like British Columbia much more than Kansas.)

I think Marbleton exists somewhat independent of time and maybe even space. I remember a time, and I suspect Jackie does as well, when there were cigarette vending machines that sat on the sidewalk in front of many stores. The school I attended in grade school and junior high had a designated smoking area from freshmen and up.

I recall that from my first Sr. High. They even had a cigarette machine IN the designated smoking area.

That was 1981. I was in 10th grade.
Later that year I switched High Schools when we moved to the boonies, and pretty much *nobody* smoked except for a few of the Shop kids.

Your comment got me thinking. Looking back, there were a lot of the kids who played at smoking but probably only 5-10% were actual smokers. There were quite a few of the guys who dipped snuff. Chewing tobacco was also common among the adult men.

That’s some biting self awareness that sounds similar to his son’s anger…
seen a few of former smokers exhort current smokers to quit with earnesty

My dad died 11 years ago April 9th (the day this comic was posted). He had strong opinions about smoking too because emphysema took his dad. What’s funny is he had my grandfather longer than I had him and I can’t blame anything in particular for his pancreatic cancer.

Mr Boothe ain’t a bad dad after all. He’s just learning, and a bit too proud to ask for advice along the way. This is such a nice character interaction, hopefully he gets to see a little bit of Reggie’s point of view through Brooksie.

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