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Man, the last couple of days… What a mess. I’m gonna take a shower & go to sleep as soon as I’m done with this… But not before I remind you of my patreon & other things.

Sister is barking at something & I can just barely hear it. It’s probably nothing but she’s been barking for, like, 5 minutes. If it were all that dangerous it probably would have killed us all by now. How wild would it be if this was my last post & some really slow monster killed up all as soon as I hit save?


“It’s not a dark path… it’s partly cloudy.”

That is a genuinely great line and I’m stealing it.

Jeebas, jezebels and Jehovah Jo! Partly cloudy doesn’t even make for a consistent “overcast” day. What an impressively positive outlook for a “troubled youth”. :) Keep up your you-ness!

You sure you aren’t channelling some JMS with that jewel of a line?

Yeah, I have dived back into B5 and some of the lines are so memorable and easy to use in everyday conversation depending on just how interesting your everyday happens to be.

That is wild.
However- if a monster has just killed your party, I’m not sure how I should get this message to you. ponders, ponders.

The more I see of Reggie’s Dad, the more I warm up to him.
He doesn’t seem to try to be a pain in the but, but I guess- his “take charge attitude”, + what looks like his social awkwardness, probably rub some people the wrong way.

That last panel, with Jo’s smile… I wish I could draw something like that.

So nice. That would make a great desktop wallpaper.

Dammit, Jo, at some point you’ll make me think smokers are people, too.

That’s the thing: Smoker’s are people. It’s the companies and executives who sell cigarettes who aren’t human. That’s why they try and use ciggies to lure more people into their blackened cancerous doom.

For a truly radical take: it should be illegal to sell vapes or cigarettes to people who haven’t got a Dr’s note for being addicted to cigarettes. (i.e. given how addictive and non-beneficial nicotiene is, make it illegal to create more addicts)

Which is hypocritical of me considering I favour legallizing everything else. I wonder what the story was, that allowed nicotiene to dodge prohibition completely when everything else was hit.

They had more money and were better organized.

Also getting blind roaring drunk was a thing that was expected of a red-blooded American male back then, as promoted by the distillers of America.

It may also have something to do with the puritans and zero alcohol at the dinner table and especially not for kids, so nobody was exposed to it until they became an adult.

The teetotalers in the women’s league ( or whatever it was called) that largely championed prohibition were bankrolled by Rockefeller. Was he against drinking? No, but alcohol could be used as a motor fuel-was probably more often used early on than that new fangled “gasoline”. No more stills, no more competition.

I wonder what the story was, that allowed nicotiene to dodge prohibition completely when everything else was hit.

Racism. Pure and simple.

Mexicans smoked marijuana. Chinese smoked opium. So they were banned.

Recent European immigrants drank. So did city dwellers. So the rural WASPs who held the power worked long and hard to get alcohol banned. Also, as mentioned by “me”, the women’s leagues joined in with the WASPs for their own reasons.

All that said, I wouldn’t miss the nic addicts if ir was banned. But maybe if you were only allowed to grow it yourself, not buy it?

Because: sure — everything’s racist, now.

Well truth be told a lot if the stuff in the past was to oppress the “others” who might get “uppity” and not “know their place”.
So racism be it skin colour or just ethnicity – Hunkies, polacks, Chinks, Nazis, wetbacks, whitebacks, etc no matter how inaccurate would be used as an excuse for reprehensible behaviour towards others.

I LOVE it-
In the past, few pages, Jo’s look reminds me of how Julia Wertz draws herself, in her cartoons!

Julia Wertz is a cartoonist, + an artist.

You can see her cool cartoons, + other art, here:


I can’t help but feel a bit insulted and annoyed by the comparison…

Dang. Dude, I’m very sorry.
I guess my comment didn’t go over the right way.
I like the art and comics from both of you guys, but for different reasons.
What I meant to say was- the cute drawings of Jo, remind me of- the art + such in J.W.’s cartoon books.

For another way of putting it- I like lots of art, + my art tastes are kind of eclectic.
I like- the cowboy films of William Boyd, [the food creations in betty crocker’s good and easy cook book], the films of John Gielgud, + [The UK’s] Triumph motorcycles, but I don’t see their art or arts as the same things.
I think that both of you guys do fantastic art + writing.
Sorry for my odd comparison. It didn’t work as intended. Cheers.

Trying to take a second to post….

As usual, feels. I wrote a short horror story about the premise of your post btw, slow monster, ignoring the bark. Hopefully that didn’t happen; I love this comic

I lived

How do we know that’s really you and not an unusually verbose and computer literate monster? (and aren’t they all, nowadays?)

Ask me something only I would know.

Can’t ask you something only you would know. How would I know if the answer was correct?

You should’ve taken the time to get to know me before you were presented with this conundrum…

I love conundrums.
They are great with a little butter and marmalade and a nice cuppa tea.

This message brought to you by her majesties “And Now Something Different” department in conjunction with “Silly” the people who make you think – that person just ain’t right.

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