985 Unstable.

Okay, new readers, for the love of all that is holy, if the site stops working, or acts weird, just change the url you’re using from .com to .net. Or vice versa depending on where you are when there is a problem. The sites are mirrored, but they can’t tell when one or the other is overloaded. You have to be aware of this. I’ve done everything I can to speed up the sites, so happy reading, and don’t be afraid to comment. Especially to praise me. XD

I have got such a splitting headache. I can’t write. I can’t drop in a background. I’ll get back to you on this one.

Writing the thing even now. Still have a headache.

I’ll say this much for Questionable Content readers. They have been well trained. Of the hundereds of thousands of people who read at least part of BF only 4 left comments. Now, it could be that more people wanted to, but the site couldn’t handle it, but I have my doubts. Some of the quicker ones realized that the dotnet exists and read it here. Barely a peep. Which is fine. I’m just saying that it’s odd because I’m used to comments being allowed. Only a very small pergentage of MY regulars comment on anything. The percentage must be miniscule for QC readers.

That said, I didn’t even know where to look on the QC site for this link everyone was talking about. Since I too am a reader there I don’t expect there to be words on the site for me to read. I look at the comic and move on. So I was like “What are you guys talking about?” until someone showed me. XD

Anyway, I randomly got a migrane today. A super bad make you want to throw up kind. So I was kind of apart from everything happening to the site, and still basically am because it’s not over. As far as I know people liked my comic, but there’s not a lot of feedback for me to look at. Strangely 2 of the three comments were mad at Ed for being mad at Carol. Which is one of those pages that tell you a lot about what kind of person the commenter is. I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens. The main site is almost impossible to get in to even now, so there’s not much I can do about anything anyway.


Well I am a regular reader. Now more than ever because your RSS feed is updating again.

The thing is, I, like most people I suspect, might not have anything to say that wouldn’t sound robotic.

Besides, ‘Another great page’ or ‘style looks good’ or pointing out things that happen in the comic like Carol’s or anyone else’s ears turning red or naming the quote that Brooksie said.. there isn’t much to say.

Instead of thinking of them as quiet faceless masses. Just see it as them giving a nod of approval. IT’s only when people start talking too much in a setting like this, that you might have a problem.

I’m one of the QC imports. It took me two and a half days, with the slow down of your site, but that’s ok, I’d rather look at things closer. I’m also a reader of Go Get A Roomie and Menage A 3… it sure is a change reading a PG-13 comic :c)
Well done comic, for sure. You do little things differently than other webcomics, but all in all, very enjoyable. My daughter worked as a manager in retail and now I wonder what she would think of this… Keep up the great work.

Comment extolling the virtues of your internet comic. Profession of friendship. Random comment that appears to be funny to commenter. Closing statement ending in ellipsis…

Wellp, i’ve been reading this comic nonstop from start to the latest strip, I woke my mother several times from laughter during the hours, but it was worth it!

The characters seem like they are a bit on the sides we want to but never can show, wich just makes them more compelling to me, like it alot, very good work ^_^

I feel for ya, got the same migrane probs, anywhere from a sickening few hours to days, I become a hermit in my dark cold room then with ample supplies of food and water, if you like me occasionally pass out from the strain of it, notify a close friend, tell them to call you occasionally (phone on silent face down ofc) and if you disconnect the call, they know you’re “alive” or have someone poke you and grunt at them :p.

I came over from QC as well, I rarely comment on stuff but unfortunately will contribute to bandwidth issues from now on (by a tiny bit maybe) because I like your work.

I just started reading yesterday and I caught up today. All I can say is ‘BLAST! WHY AREN’T THERE MORE PAGES?” Hopefully, you will take that as a compliment.

I came from QC, and read through the whole archive. It’s GREAT, and I want more~ You, sir, have been bookmarked.

Well, just one thing:


You’re on my comic list. 4th from the end, which ain’t a bad place to be :) Incidentally, I found your comic just hours before it was posted on QC, so I was pretty pissed when I found I couldn’t load #200-something!

Best of luck, keep it up, stay not-sucky.

I see you like your erections in the middle of your reading schedule. It’s a good system. Comedy for starters, a little masturbation, then a gentle come down for afters.

QC import here, just finished reading through the entire archive (because I do things like that), and I like what I’ve read so far. Keep it up!

I read QC. Haven’t commented there and I don’t comment on things I read in general. However, your writing style is so enthralling that I pretty much read through everything on a Sunday and left me wanting more. Haven’t laughed this hard from any comic since the good ole’ adventures of Asterix!

Hello. Im one of those who got a hold of yer comic by th QC site :P…
I was very pleased reading this. I really hope you get more time to devote to this comic :P it is REALLY good. good story, good characters, and good artwork :P i loved it :P

I generally don’t comment on archives since I don’t expect anyone to see it. I take my talkin’ to Twitter usually (I’m the Wes = Bigger Dick > Reggie person). I meandered here from QC and fell very much in love. BF has officially been added to my weekly reading list. Considering there aren’t many comics I actually keep up with as they update, that’s serious praise. :)

I tend not to comment on things because it would only be boring and generic.

I do however feel the need to add my opinion as you are no doubt appreciative of all comments.

I am a fairly big noob to the world of web comics, a friend introduced me to QC 2 years ago and I have read every “issue” since. It is the firsst thing I check in the morning when I wake up (sad I know but I happen to keep a laptop on my bedside table) and until a few days ago, it is the only one I read.

I started to read BF from the start and now I am hooked and it will be the only other comic I read besides QC. I love the characters and the humour has regularly kept me entertained while working an at times equally as dead job in a-n IT Tech Support department (feel free to send tech questions to me, not that you will because you don’t know me).

I was however dissapointed to realise I had caught up and even more dissapointed to read that you don’t update daily although I do understand it requires a lot of work.

How much do you need to get paid daily from this to make it a full time job like QC and give us daily updates? I am considering ways of helping fund this as we speak.

I seem to be a slow reader… 25 days to catch up to where things were when I started. My thoughts so far: I love this. I will be reading it regular now. I am a bit shocked at how slow the comic moves. There have been what… like… five or six identifiable days in almost 1000 comics? That is nearing DBZ bad. Not that I mind, it’s just frustrating that more hasn’t happened. Won’t stop me from reading, of course.

Funny how the leads of my two most favourite comics shy away from going anywhere new. I don’t have the exact problem at all, but I really understand it, somehow. I think I must have had the problem, but got over it in childhood.

Anyway, I like the comic’s pace. Skipping details blows my immersion right out of the water!

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