986 Rank & File.

That shit needs to end up on reddit and/or a t-shirt. XD Get to it reditors, or whatever it is you call yourselves.

Well, I guess this is where the rubber meets the road. When the question various people have been passive aggressively asking me over the weekend gets answered. How many people who came from Questionable Content are actually going to become regular readers?

It’s been a strange few days to be sure. I’ve been contacted by people, who I’ve tried to have conversations with, that wouldn’t even answer me before, gotten offers for all manner of services, been asked for everything from links to money, and generally been noticed. Through all of that the new faces have been very kind, and patient. They say that you draw readers to you who are similar to you, so QC readers are generally nice. I should know because I have been one for a long time too. A lot of the time when people link each other you kind of get the feeling that they don’t really read each other’s work, and I don’t know if Jeph read much, or any, of mine, but I’ve read all of his. It’s certainly one of those comics that made me think “I bet I could do that…”

It’s not rocket science, but it’s not as easy as it seems from the outside. When I started reading webcomics it was still sort of uncommon for you to know much about the artist. Now you can see their daily struggles to one level or another, depending on the artist. I kind of put it all out wherever. If you want to talk to me it is insanely easy, and if I’m not right in the middle of something I WILL talk to you. Often to the point that you’ll have had enough after one time, and you can just go back to reading the comic, secure in the knowledge that you’ve spoken to me AS MUCH AS YOU WILL EVER NEED TO. XD

I also offer services of various types. For example, I will draw anyone who asks nicely an avatar for Twitter, or whatever social thing it is you need one for. If I have time you’ll get what you ask for, if not I just make one up based on whatever username you give me. First come, first serve. As they are only ever 100×100 pixels don’t expect a masterwork. It’s just a little present that I can knock out fairly quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask.

The link bar up top will lead you to all the places you can find me. At least the ones that I wanted to make easy. If you can find me on other sites feel free to contact me there too. XD

Be warned, however, I am sassy. Be prepared for sass of all types.


Just wanted to say that i found your comic from Questionable Content and literally read the entire series yesterday. Couldn’t stop once i started reading. Love your writing, love the characters and i am hooked. After catching up on your strip, i clicked a banner for Namesakes and read all of that while watching NFL RedZone today, Hooked on that as well. Thanks for great read and i can’t wait for more.

Daniel Hanna

I love your comic. QC set the bar too high for most comics, but yours is one of the few that makes me laugh out loud. Keep up the good work! :-)

I waffled between making up some complete and total lie you’d be able to see through easily, or simply putting up the truth. I decided to do neither and instead toasted an Eggo due to an inexplicable craving for waffles or other grain based delicacies.

Never really cared much for QC myself. Don’t know why, don’t particularly care.

Meh. People do need to pay more attention to skill ranks. Then again, back in school they used o lie to us about that sort of thing mattering in the real world. Or maybe I just invested too many points into craft(Sarcasm)?

To be honest, it’s always slightly scared me that i look exactly like John. With my friend Robert looking exactly like Thomas. Only i think (Or hope) the personalities are reversed.

Like those above me, I also came from QC, I saw a small line in the comment at the bottom of the last installment and although it took me a few pages to get hooked, I’m infinitely glad I did, this is the best webcomic I’ve read in a long while, and I’ve read a buttload of webcomics (mainly because the internet is the place where productivity goes to die). So long as it stays this good I’ll keep reading, so thank you.

I saw the Between Failures shout out on QC and thought, “heh, I was totally already reading that!” Found you randomly on the Webcomic List. ;)

Also, the narwhal bacons at midnight, but I don’t know how to best get this in… But surely, it will be done.

Making avatars for people? That is generous, though I’d hate to see too many people take advantage of that offer, though I guess you could always say no.

Like many others I came from QC only to start reading and get hooked.

Love the story and can’t wait to see where it’s gonna go. I find myself strangely interested in who Brooksie is gonna end up with. So many love interests, so little self-esteem.

Anywho, the comic is great. The story is engaging, the characters are fun and witty, and the nerd-like content suits me to a tee. I’ll keep reading as long as you keep updating.

I’m from QC and I love a good webcomic. There’s a few I follow. This is now on top of the list. Yes even above QC which got me started on webcomics. Well, MT actually did.

A webcomic you may like, if I may be so bold to mention one, is “The Abominable Christopher Charles”. Drawn by Karl Kerschl.

QC got me here two days ago and I’m here to stay.

I’m so drawn to these damn characters. Especially Jo and Ed.

Damn you!!!!!

Came due to QC, and am moving into the Between Failure’s neighborhood. Reminds me of my retail days, and the silly things we did. We didn’t have a flour nerf fight, but we did have a super soaker fight in the parking lot after hours.
Would ask for an avatar, but, well, kind of hard to draw an acrophobic pixie.

I came via QC as well–had to wait a day or so for the overload to pass, but once I got in, I was definitely hooked. I’m just sad I can’t plow through 100 at a time anymore! Love the characters and the setting–thanks for the great story so far :)

QC brought me here a few days ago. Haven’t left, starting from comic one and JUST caught up to the most current comic! Love it, the story, definitely the characters, and the art work!! Though I’m with lmh that it’s sad I can’t just read through fifty comics at once! A good problem to have!!

It’s been far too long for me to remember who linked me to you, or if I mentioned it shortly after I got here and started commenting… dang I’m getting forgetful.

Came from QC, spend the last couple of days reading through the archive and just added it to my list of regular webcomics in my RSS reader, so I guess you could consider me a new regular reader :)

I came from the QC shout-out. It’s not the first comic that Jeph’s suggested that I enjoyed, so I came and read. Whole archives within 24 hours (two sittings; I actually had to go to bed at one point), and now I’m a regular. Love the writing, the character design, how relatable everybody is, and all the girls. Keep it up. :)

i came over from QC, as i
enjoyed more comics, which where suggested there :-)

So i started from the first comic in your archive and progress to the front :-)

Keep up your good work!

Is John getting less beefy as the comic goes on? Maybe you always intended him to look this lean but all this time I coulda swore he looked slightly beefier in the torso area.

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