Your dialog is really good and it kills me when I try and write because I want to over explain everything.

The trick to writing dialogue is to remember how people speak. Which is simple to say but not easy for everyone to do. I have a sort of natural paranoia that makes me replay conversations over and over in my mind, especially when they’re stressful. Trying to glean as much of what the other person means when they don’t speak clearly. You can learn to do it you just have to learn to listen to what people actually say instead of jumping to what you understand that they mean, which is the most normal way to listen.

Feeling a bit the same in my own life honestly. Got someone I’m interested in but I don’t think it’ll happen because they’re into another friend. It sucks, but it’s life and just gotta work through it

Reggie has quickly become one of my favorite characters, due to watching the personal growth he has been going through, and I love seeing him and Alex together. That said, maybe not getting the girl is what it will take for John to take a look at himself and see if he’s happy or not. It would be nice if this leads to some character growth for him.

Jackie, get some rest! You both need and deserve it.

“I knew I didn’t have to” is… A lot of trust, from Thomas. Thomas doesn’t trust *anybody*, even himself half the time. But for John, he doesn’t even have to ask.

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