2454 Hamstrung.

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My memory is beginning to fail me a lot more recently. I haven’t had a really good sleep in quite some time and the longer I go the more these little holes start popping up. It’s short term memory that’s the issue. After a couple of days I can remember things I’ve done recently, but it’s like there’s a delay in moving them from one place in my brain to another. There’s also some generalized memory loss but it comes and goes. It’s pretty common in allergy season because something about my allergies cause me to not fall into the deep sleep that repairs those parts of my brain. I can feel the exact place on my face where the problem is too, but I don’t know what I need to do to clean the stuff out from it. No amount of washing or eyedrops, or pills ever fix it. It just has to be reduced in the atmosphere as far as I can tell. Eyestrain could be a factor too as far as I know. My glasses just aren’t correct. I need to find a better optometrist. Anyway, I should try to clean up my workspace so I can sleep here after a bit. I’m still trying to sort through the disaster left from removing my nemesis bed.

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Take care of yourself first.

Really digging John’s journey from the guy who “fancies himself a ladies’ man” to getting hung up on one woman. He’s gonna discover some things about himself.

Or another thing John could do is-

my theory is this- since Alex has proved to be smart + fun, John could hang out more with Alex + her friends, + find someone like her to date, [among Alex’s friends].

[Is it just me, or- when I explain things, do I sound like I’m writing moldy PR, for Benjamin Franklin? Uuugh!] :D

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