2453 My Boyfriend.

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Okay, I know I said I’d update you today, but yesterday was very bad, and today I’m very tired. I’ve got my sleeping area all taken apart and I need to move a bunch of stuff so I can reset it and go to bed. I need to do this while I have a little bit of energy to move this stuff. So I’ll see you Monday, or on the discord if you’re in there, or on my twitter maybe. Like, if you really need to talk to me I’m still available. You can find me.
anyway. I hope you have a nice weekend. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Pléase take it easy and take care Jackie, we’ll wait for any update (about your life, as well as the comic) you’re willing (and are able) to give. …You don’t really ówe us any explanation anyway, I hope you realize?! (Of course we dó love hearing from you, but you’re not under any obligation, so please don’t feel like you are!)

Man’s right. It’s all entirely too interconnected now to go and start pulling at key supports. Best to let her go, man. Not easy, I know, but sometimes you just have to.

And yes, for crying out loud, get some rest, Jackie. We’ll talk if you want, but if you’d rather just rest, do it. I think we tell you this every comic now.

Ya gotta take a rest Jackie. You can’t solve any problems if you’re running at fuel while the tank is empty.

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