1986 Saving Throw.

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I still wish I could draw well enough, & fast enough, to make this look the way I see it in my head, but maybe you can fill in the blanks. I hope it’s clear that Winter split the wight’s sword, part of which landed in the soil near Springleaf. I was going to make the wight groan as it died again, but it looked busy so I just left it out. Feel free to imagine it groaning, or even signing with relief for being released from its earthly torment.


I totally heard it groan/sogh in my head as I read panel 3, well before I read the author’s comments. Your story telling is desd on, don’t worry.

I was too busy watching the front half of the blade spin through the air to catch whatever noise our recently re-deceased friend made.

You’re really challenging yourself with the last few pages, and it shows. It’s always fantastic to see an artist go through such a radical growth spurt. The fact that you’re not satisfied means your only going to become better and better. I can’t wait to see the next pages.

A sword of disruption!

(A GhostTouch effect that additionally has a high chance to destroy undead subtypes. also enhances turning ability. for you 3rd edition and later gamers)

Leave it to the elves to come up with a sword for when the you absolutely positively have to make sure the dead get dead and stay dead. No cleric needed.
(probably because the blade was brought directly from the forge fire and quenched in the heart of a holy person that was dying anyway)

No wait if this is 2nd edition that makes it a MoonBlade. (which is even worse when it comes to overpowered elvish stuff that is “balanced” not by hard stat penalties but by ‘roleplaying limitations’)

The dwarven cleric took the words right out of my mouth. Kudos for the past few pages Jackie! Way to up the power level!

I see she took yet another hand off….. (I kid I kid, it was the other girl who chopped the mage’s hand by accident, I know)

It wasn’t a hand-off this time but a dis-arm……..

[shadow step into the border ethereal as my 5ft move and Hide In Plain Sight]

You bet.
In this game, this attack is just another blow against a handy-man. ;)

Maybe a low blow, but I’d say ‘dis is a amazing improvement in this character.

He was pretty expressive before, but I never expected Winter to leave him ‘dis articulate …

I think the dwarf said everything that needs saying, both about the scenario and about the page itself. ;)

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