My brain’s been half messed for a week, but I know why for a lot of it. Just makes me less stressed about being a mess, not less of a mess. ^^; For what it’s worth.

The page is great! I think you packed exactly as much action as we needed, except that now I have to wait until Monday for more. I expect to see stunned faces around the gaming table in the “real world” part.

I had a bad problem with my brain when I had a stroke back in 2012, so I can at least appreciate what you might be going through. I still have cognitive dysfunction, which essentially means I’m stupider than I used to be. That’s how I feel, at least. It’s taking me about an hour to write this, as an example. It’d be obvious if you met me, but not so much on the internet.

In my case, writing helped me recover some function. Once I re-learned how to, that is. I can no longer draw with my eyes open; something about the focusing. And drawing with them closed is silly. I suspect that drawing is your thing to help you focus, as much of a pain as it may seem to be.

Are you sure it’s not a vision-related problem you’re having? I get optic migraines that make me feel really weird sometimes. Like my eyes are separate from my head. It also makes me hear things differently. Aural migraines? They can be triggered by too much salt, sudden, bright light, and I don’t know what the hell else.

Be well

Meant half an hour. See what I mean?

It’s possible I have extreme eye strain from allergies and not replacing my glasses when I intended to.

That’s right! I forgot about allergies. Sometimes a Zyrtec will help with my optic migraines, but does nothing for brain function. Sadly. Know anyplace we could get cheap replacement parts? I’ve over-used my body for sixty-plus years. Do they still sell ’56 parts?

At the risk of sounding grim-
I’m usually not for scientists going “all Dr. Frankenstein” about experiments, but- if they ever make amazing, replacement eyes, out of lab-grown resources, or out of robotic parts, then [ I’ll ] be the first one lining up at Dr. Frankenstein’s door. *shrugs*

My brain, … Just eeeuuwww!
Sorry yours is acting up. I’d check the oil.
Not really a helpful suggestion, but levity is all I got today, (night). I hope everything settles out quickly for you.
I LOVE the action for this page, I think it the perfect cliff hanger.

I really like today’s page!
The art + action remind me of the anime, TV shows- Marine Boy, and Speed Racer. :)

You know …

Fungal spores from mold can hinder your thought processes – especially if you suffer from allergies. With the extra moisture in the Midwest this year, it’s possible that some mold somewhere is making you feel worse.

For some people, if there’s mold in the house, if it gets bad, they forget things like where they put their keys or other things. Just a suggestion – you may want to check to see if you’re suffering from allergies caused by mold.

Otherwise, I like what you’ve been doing of late in the comic.

I dig it. I’ve been gone from reading comics a while. I’ll go back and check out what I missed.
I assume that Brooksie has’t slipped unto a parallel world via a weird rollercoaster, or anything, yeah? With webcomics, one can never tell.

annnnd… nat 1. you cut off your own hand. the one holding the sword.
how is that physically possible? it should at least be th-
shhhh… nat 1.

The Marsh Wraith looks fantastic. Love the glowing eyes, and weight to it’s figure. Just clicks right.

I enjoyed the Winter Summerwine/Brooks’s plea to her sword for strength in the earlier comic.

It made me think back (quite fondly) to the prayer Sir Orrin gives to his sword in movie, The Flight of the Dragons (1982). I try not to abuse the word “epic,” but I cannot think of a better use for it.

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