1439 Unemployment Benefits.

Hopefully this will help ease the tension created by denying you all the Nina shower scene you so desperately desired. How about this? If 50 people comment on how they wish the camera would pan down I’ll extend the frame and put it on my Patreon. Don’t think you can trick me, if you create another username I’ll see the same ISP number on the comment. Also, try not to be gross about it. Keep it clASSy. XD

I woke up today feeling worse than I have in a while. Seems like when I put a certain amount of water in the cpap it inflames my airways, but if I don’t put enough it dries them out. There was this massive wad of mucous right at the edge of my throat when I woke up, and seemed to be combating any benefits I might have been getting from the machine. It’s been very hard deciding if the thing is helping or hindering the last couple of days. I do seem to be getting some sleep, so… kind of winning? I think it has to be the absolute minimum amount of water, or it undoes all the benefits. In any case, I’m told what I’m experiencing as far as not being able to judge how much sleep I’m getting is not uncommon. I’ve gotten used to the nose tubes though.

I finally sat down and played Happy Home Designer (HHD), and enjoyed it. It does that Nintendo style long easing you in to the game that gets a little old when you’re already experienced, but it’s pretty well paced at the beginning. Each new thing you design opens up new options for the next job, so you can get more wild as you go. You can expand your options further by spending play coins on advanced lessons. One of the best things is being able to delete windows. If you want to use a wallpaper that has the windows “painted” on it doesn’t break the pattern. So far there is no option for relocating windows, but I haven’t given up hope.
You can experience Andrade other peoples designs online, which is fun, and put your own up for inspection. I assume you can fail a task, but I’ve pushed the limits and no animal has told me off yet. It won’t let you finish until you meet the minimum requirements. I forgot to decorate an entire room and it let me slide…

The card amiibo let you call in specific villagers to work for, which is fun. I’m not sure how fun it will be trying to get my favorites… but whatever. I got one double in my three packs; Quillson. The adverts were misleading about the amiibo that comes with the game too. It implied that you got Isabelle, but I got Red. I don’t know if it’s random, or everyone gets him.

A friend of mine sent me an Olimar Amiibo, which I already had, so I’m going to try another fan art contest. I’ll choose a winner on Halloween. It doesn’t need to be holiday themed, that’s just happenstance. And here’s an idea for those of you who can’t draw; get someone who can to draw for you. If you pay less than $25 or so you’ll have still paid less than ebay in most cases, or regular price plus shipping. The last time I tried this it was an utter failure, and Marth was actually insanely popular. As far as I know Olimar is not particularly loved. I enjoyed the first two games, but never played after that, except in Smash.

I’m making the contest take a really lng time. If no one enters I’ll decide what to do with Olimar 2 later.


I mistve re read this webcomic a dozen times but i never noticed brooksies eyes here… shes even more adorable.

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