1440 Glenda.

Well, you guys have spoken. As soon as time permits I will present the extended panel 3 from page 1439. I hope you can stand a little delayed gratification. XD

I’ll be writing up the next part of Julius Drywood and the Riddle Of Stone this evening because, like a fool, I didn’t make time for it earlier in the month. With all the issues with the c pap screwing up my sleep patterns and whatnot I had a really hard time with scheduling. I hope October turns out better.

By the way, the first 4 panels are references to anime/manga. Good luck guessing them all.

I’m starting to thing what’s making me so dizzy isn’t my allergies, or maybe isn’t just my allergies. Pretty much every drug I take now has the first side effect of dizziness. It’s just constant now. No matter what I’m doing I always feel off balance. I’ve tried putting in ear drops, various allergy medicines, and nothin g helps. I’m starting to feel like Lucile 2. (you’ve reached the complaint portion of the blog.) When it’s really bad I even have a hard time drawing properly. The space behind my eyes always feel dry. Even when I put eye drops in. It’s like no amount of water can make my eyes not dry anymore. I am so sick of being sick. At the moment the only thing that seems to be actually fixing a problem is soaking my feet in salt water. I almost have regular people heels. It takes a lot of that salt though.

I really want to do a special Halloween comic with Alexandria’s fursona this year, but I don’t think I can work fast enough right now. If I were sleeping just a little better it would be one thing, but I’m such a fucking mess right now I fall asleep when I try to work and am wide awake when I want to sleep.

I used to listen to Bill Cosby when I was really feeling bad about stuff, and I still haven’t found anything to take his place. I recently tried listening to some sermons. I actually like listening to church services of all types as long as they aren’t about being shitty to other people. Unfortunately after about two sermons I hit a wave of homophobia that hasn’t abated. I also don’t like southern preachers. Ideally I would like a calm voiced British preacher who is live and let live about things. Anyway, this podcast I found is just a feed of sermons that come from all over so you never know what you’re going to get.


That third panel looks like Yang Xiao Long from RWBY, maybe?

yep. panel 3 is definitely Yang.

For some reason I want to say the first panel is Fujiko Mine from the Lupin III. Other than that, I can’t seem to think of who the others could be.

Also, I like the 9 theme Nina has in the fifth panel.

Everone has a number in the comic. He has said it many times. It’s on their ears and was really prominent in the early days. Nina is 9, Jo is 8, Carol is 6, and so on. They are more stylized now so it’s just a suggestion of a number anymore, but it’s still there.

You might try Billy Connolly – not quite as soothing as Bill Cosby used to be, but he is pretty funny. And very Scottish. And while this isn’t sermons, I definitely recommend the audiobooks of the collected works of James Herriot. I find it has a very similar feel on the mental palate, as it were – at least if you can find a good reader.


Clearly she needs to be introduced to that by those two

Apparently my old behind is the only one who recognizes the second panel as Jerrica Benton from Jem. I also agree with Fujiko in panel 1. The other two are unknown to me.

I used to have a big collection of Bill Cosby records. Some I even recorded onto tape so I could listen to them easier. Nobody got the reference when I said to them, “yeah, right!”, but I have no doubt that you would have, if we were talking in person, lol.
I haven’t listened to any for a few years, but I don’t know that I could enjoy them much anymore.

You might find a sweet spot between Bill Cosby and sermons with Brother Dave Gardner. Mind you, I haven’t listened to any in a decade, but I used to pick up his old comedy records at thrift stores, and iirc, they were a hoot…

Sorry to hear about the lack of good soothing stuff to listen to. If you want calm and British espousing positive things, I’d recommend either the multitude of speeches by Alan Watts (all free on YouTube) or any live speaking event by Terry Pratchett, both of which were wonderful humanists and humorists.

I want to throw out there, if the random sermons include homophobic ones, it probably won’t be the last time this podcast grabs that kind of sermon. For soothing british voices, if you’re into science, I’ve heard physicist Brian Cox lessons or interviews could be interesting. I only know him from his spots on QI. He is far too intelligent for that show : P

Might I suggest the Podcast “The Flicks that Church Forgot”? Peter Laws is an ordained minister living in the UK and a huge horror movie buff. Each movie review (either of a single film, or a series, or a collection of related works) is then followed by an analysis of the spiritual themes he can find therein. Fascinating stuff, and it can be found on iTunes or his own website.

The panel 1 red dress *might* be good for a date? The only problem I can see is the chance of your date fainting from sheer ecstasy! The panel 4 uniform would make uppity customers easier to control, I imagine :-)

Could do worse than the current Archbishop of Canterbury. He’s a warm man, not given to overly preaching and is the most inclusive Archbishop the Anglican Church has had in decades (he pushed hard for female Bishops).
Another man worth listening to is Dr John Sentamu, the former Archbishop of York. Brilliantly compassionate man and one of principles as he won’t wear his collar in protest at Robert Mugabe.

You can also find Thoughts for the Day somewhere online, which is a BBC production, where they find people of faith (Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, etc) who will talk about an aspect of news or celebration. It’s really thought provoking stuff without getting too preachy.

Astounding work today good sir! I know the full pan down shot has already been voted on, but personally, I’d rather see a full body shot of that red dress instead. Bully!

Panty, no idea, Yang, and Domino. Started grinning when I saw panel 3 – I think Yang and Nina would get along just fine.

I find myself wondering how Yang would respond to her outfit being called a ‘cowgirl call girl’s’. Either she’d laugh out loud, or flatten you and everyone else in earshot.

As for the dizziness – have you been tested for a vestibular disorder, like BPPV or Labrynthitis? Take a look here: http://vestibular.org. Lots of good info. Having a vestibular problem can mean having things feel very badly out of whack, but the good news is, once you’re correctly diagnosed, they’re mostly straightforward to treat.

The only ones I recognize is panel 1 (Panty and Stocking, which I seem to be the only one in the world who doesn’t like the show), and 4 (Nastasha from Mobile Fighter G Gundam?)

There are way too many fascist female roles that could be the inspiration for panel four. Never knew much about Jem & the Holograms and don’t particularly care to, but the red dress and Yang outfit were absolutely priceless!

Don’t recognize any of the anime… at first glance, I thought the first one was Pauline from Donkey Kong. :-P

I’m a non-officially converted Quaker (though I’m hoping to make it official), and I’d like to recommend a Quaker sermon… but the thing is, Quakers don’t really DO sermons. Most Meeting for Worship services are done in almost complete silence. But they can volunteer to speak during a service if moved by the spirit, and there they can share their beliefs, reflections, etc. Quakers are typically a pretty liberal, laid-back bunch (We assure you: Nixon was a deviation from the norm) that’s all about accepting people regardless of race, sexuality, age, etc., so if you can find anything online where people discuss Quakerism, I think you’ll have something that’s as far from homophobia as you can get.

Y’know, it’s funny… I got interested in Quakerism because I went to a Quaker-founded high school (not exclusively for Quakers; just run with Quaker ideals in mind, such as respect and nonviolence), and one aspect of the school I would brag about was that Bill Cosby had sent his son there. Unsurprisingly, I don’t brag about that anymore.

If you’re looking for another comedian, though, would the late Robin Williams be too bittersweet? Perhaps some old Whoopi Goldberg routines would be good, too; I’ve seen one of her old stand-up shows from, like, the 80’s, and she’s amazing.

Jackie, plz, for the love of the great flying spaghetti monster, plz tell me that is Yang from RWBY in the 3rd panel. I will love you forever if it is.

Anime/Manga? Damn. I could have sworn panel 2 was from Jem and the Holograms. It looks just 80’s enough for Jerrica to wear.

Wait — if Nina is really Glinda, I’m going back to Oz.

Peasant 2: She’s a witch! She’s a witch!
Sir Bedevere: What makes you think she’s a witch?
Peasant 3: Well, she turned me into a… never mind, she’s a quick-change artist!

Terry Pratchett is great! I would also suggest looking up Unitarian Universalist sermons. UU’s are all about making ourselves and the world better, minus the dogma and intolerance. I’ve heard some great ones in church, so there must be plenty to choose from online.

I’m trying to find a link to some of the jabs at Unitarianism Narbonic has made, but the archives are down
One of the characters, Artie, is an ordained Unitarian minister. He’s also a super intelligent genetically engineered gerbil wjo can shape shift to a human form.

Don’t worry, they’re only meant as good fun. One such comic involves some demons complaining about being repelled by a Unitarian minister (Artie).

For sermons that AREN’T homophobic, try pastor Mark Henson of Emporia First Church of the Nazarene. They aren’t just feel-good fluff, either.

For easy listening music, try Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, and/or Erutan.

You could try listening to my pastor’s sermons at beavercreekchristian.org. As I understand it, basically ever sermon he’s ever done is on there. I think he’s pretty good (I wouldn’t attend if I didn’t but that’s another thing). He does also have a sermon addressing homosexuality that he did in response to the Supreme Court ruling, and while he doesn’t condone it, you might be pleasantly surprised. God Bless.

Good god, I was looking for a place to comment since I hate twitter, don’t do deviant art and your fb link is missing.

Just caught your website on a whim the past Monday from the other webcomic manly guys doing manly things. I was scrolling through the other webcomics section until I came up on a preview with thomas and carol looking at one another.

Intrigued, I took a gander and finished the damned comic late Tuesday night when I should’ve been sleeping for work.

I don’t know who you are or what you do but dear God, I don’t think I’ve read something that related to me (worked retail with similar people), gone through some of the shit Thomas had and really connect with these characters. I laughed, felt miserable, gasped, went OH SHIT! at proper moments and kept reading whenever I had spare time (or just because I really wanted to know what happened next). Retail humor is indeed best humor but I guess it helps that everyone is a nerd in this!

You’re doing a fan-fucking-tastic job and I implore you to keep it up and actually finish this behemoth of a webcomic instead of giving up on it halfway like all other disappointments have put me through.

………So yeah

PS I also need a Carol in my life T_T

Instead of Bill Cosby audio recordings, :

1) actor Thurl Ravenscroft , [aka the 1980s voice of “tony the Tiger”, ]-

did some audio /LP records, one being: [On the Disney story record, “The legend of Sleepy Hollow”], Mr. TR sings a killer, deep voiced version of the song, “The Headless Horseman”, the record also has a narrator reading the Legend of SH story- 1965,

2) Ravenscroft does the 1966 record: “Pirates of the Caribbean”. the record includes [ on 1 side: R. narrates the fictional story of the P of the C Disneyland ride, + on the other side: R. sings 5 pirate/sailor songs],

3) A 1969 LP record – R. narrates the fic. story of the Disneyland ride, “The Haunted Mansion”. A young Ron Howard, the actor, also is in this LP. [ These records are probably: on CDS, + downloadable by CD, now. See Amazon.com for these Cds.

4) You might also find CDs/recordings of the stand-up routines of: Steven Wright, Bob Newhart [ the 1970s era guy], Mr. Flip Wilson, etc.,

5) CDs of the original Broadway musicals/plays’ songs, like: [1960s era, + other eras]- “Kismet”, “Camelot”, “Finian’s Rainbow” (not really a fave of mine), (1947) Brigadoon, etc.

If you like stories + songs, those CDs should last you awhile. :D

Stanley Holloway’s beer hall routines are wonderful, as are Boris Karloff’s readings of The Jungle Books and Just So Stories. The CDs can be a bit hard to find, but worth the effort.

I realize there are supposed to be references to the outfits, but since they’ve already been addressed by the other guessings/figuring outs, I’ll just put my own comments here.

Panel 1: I wish that was a black dress, because then Nina could be my discotheque Juliet teenage dream (and then she would tell me to shut up and dance with her)
Panel 2: All she’s missing are the starburst earrings to call Synergy, and she could easily pass this off as a cosplay of Jem.
Panel 3: Cowboy call girl? Well, save a horse, ride a cowboy. :)
Panel 4: Please tell me she’s not bringing Nazi back. Them other fuhrer’s don’t know how to act.
Panel 5: Yeah, that’s casual enough to wear under the store uniform.
Panel 6: That’s easy she changes clothes so fast because she’s a wonderful woman. I don’t know if she owns any satin tights or fights for our rights though.

Please tell me panel 1 is Panty from Panty and Stocking. Why dont enough people know about this anime. (Also Panty is way cooler than Stocking who is overrated.)

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