1441 Tummy Lickin’ Good.

Tummies are great. I try to enjoy them whenever I can.

I intend to draw up the promised image of Nina tonight if I can. I need to sketch another page at least, and ink it if I can keep myself going. I might just start from the sketch layer and alter the drawing from there rather than try to add to it as it is. From day to day my ability to draw fluctuates and she might end up with a Monday torso and a Sunday butt.

The paint program that goes with Manga Studio has been on sale for a few days and I almost bought it, but I finally decided not to because I suck at coloring and stuff. That program isn’t going to make a lot of difference in what I can do compared to what I have now. I’m just being lured in by the sale. I have so much more art problems I could fix before I worry about painting…

Man, the desire to sleep just hit me super hard. I think i’ll see if I can sleep for a while then do as much work as I can when I wake up. I’ll be fresher and faster then.


Sleep well Crave~ such a happy couple, snuggles and lazing around are the best <3

Lazing around may be nice from an initial look, but for the long run, nothing beats some intimacy after a shared physical exercise (and a refreshing shower, of course). The level of serotonin upon which you’ll be tripping would be unreal!

Carol can be just dee-scuzz-ting — in the most delightful ways possible.

“…she might end up with a Monday torso and a Sunday butt.”

Hey, I used to go out with that girl!

Carol claims to be more pancake than woman … aren’t pancakes supposed to be flat???

I guess we know which parts are still woman.

So lets, see based on panel 2, that would be:

1) orbital ridge aka superciliary arches
2) nose
6) ears
3) cheeks
4) chin
5) hair

I’m sure I’ve hit all the high points so I’ll quit while a head ;-)

Never let anyone tell you your characters are flat!

Hope you had a decent rest … and that you aren’t to troubled by trolloids!

Nina and Ed are headed to work. I’m sure we’re set for more store shenanigans soon.

Eeergh! Ig ore the above reply, it’s meant for a different comment.

I’m betting there’s a special place in Hell for anyone who’s directly had anything to do with the designing of smartphones. Especially whoever decided the virtual keyboard should be tied to internet connectivity and the one in charge of touch screen controls.

Heh, heh!

Mark Twain once said something like this: [ After getting mad that someone called him, + hung up before he could answer the phone]-

“This Christmas, I hope that everyone gets to relax, and have a season of rest, and peace…EXCEPT for the inventor of the telephone!”

: )

i liked your webcomic better when it wasnt all sex and relationship stuff, hopefully theres some actual movement in the plot soon theres alot of stuff i want to see followed up thats been taken up by all this patreon fodder.

overall though i do like your comic keep up the good work

Patreon fodder? You insult me. How can the things I make that everyone sees be patreon fodder? The only things that go up there are extra. The extended panel of Nina was done on a whim because I thought people would get a kick out of it and I wanted to see if anyone still read the comments, since it’s been relatively quiet. The comic is about the relationships between these characters and their sexuality is part of who they are. I swear, you try and do a little extra for people and this is what you get. >:|

. . .? I don’t think we are reading the same comic. Everything to this point has been natural progression to me. these two have been going out for a couple weeks and are in a honeymoon phase, as are jess and jo. Nina is making a move because ed hasn’t and we had a nice arc with alex, reggie and jon.

Damn now I want pancakes or a woman to lick syrup off of

Hmmm…I’d prefer both, and I’ve no aversion to syrup or cute redheads. Of course, the syrup is a lot easier to get, and indulgence in too much of it makes cute redheads harder to get. Not like doing so has ever been within my abilities anyway , though.

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