384 Lethologica.

There’s a word for when you can’t think of the word you want to use.  Fittingly I couldn’t think of it when I titled this page. 

I totally forgot to say anything before the fact, not that it matters really, but Between Failures turned 2 years old on November 25th.  So, there you go. 

So I’m talking to the new neighbors about their new backyard renovations and the husband suggests that I go check it out for myself.  They’ve built a pretty impressive outdoor pool, with several faux rock formations.  They are newly poured, and I guess they must not have been paying very close attention because a pipe has leaked.  A section of the new concrete has washed away.  In the little indention where water is beginning to pool I can clearly see the corpses of two people.  They’ve long since gone bad, but it looks as though they’ve been purposefully encased in the structure. 

Instinctively I realize that if I react to what I’ve seen I might end up joining these grinning cadavers.  So I wander casually back over to the couple.  I make a little small talk then politely excuse myself.  I’m sweating profusely, but it’s a warm day and they don’t seem to suspect anything.  In a few moments I’m on the phone to the police, stressing that time is of the essence here.  If they realize what I’ve seen they might have enough time to remove the bodies.  I decide to get my cell phone, park my car across the street from their house, and observe them until the police arrive. 

I wait for quite a while, then suddenly the man dashes through the back gate into the front yard.  He’s looking around frantically.  The police turn down the street just as he starts to head toward my house.  He sees them, then looks at my car.  I lean out the window, grin, and wave.  Pointing at my face I mouth the words “All me baby” and point at the cop car.  I watch as the man’s face melts from surprise into anger and horror. 

Just after that I wake up.


Man, it must have been such a relief to wake up and realize that your neighbors aren’t really murderers. I must say, I do so enjoy this comic and I think I shall do some more fan art for it when I have a free moment.

I defecated a mountain of bricks until I realized that was a dream.

I was half-wondering when you’d get to the part about how your new neighbors like pirates and put fake skeletons as a decoration around their pool, a la the Disneyland ride.

Whenever reggie speaks, I hear the voice of Vern, the annoying cowardly newscaster from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I was reading those comments like, “Seriously?! It didn’t say it was a dream at the top…”

Nice setup…but you mention that you woke up twice there, at the end. For maximum effect, may I suggest you take out the first one?

Crave: I thought I typed “watched” where the first one was.

Can…Can I get the drugs your on to have dreams like that….mine usually involve me and that pig mask from motel hell.

I feel like I’ve been the only one using the phrase “Only to the untrained eye” whenever possible since Ace Venture: When Nature Calls came out years ago. Wachootoo darts.

I once had a dream like that… Until I realized it wasn’t a dream and you found my hidden dead bodies encased in the newly laid cement. How dare you sir! I was only coming over for a cup of sugar and you called the cops!

And Reggie…. tsk… tsk.

Lethologica is the word for when you forget the word you’re trying to think of. It’s my personal favorite word, and the only one I’m not capable of forgetting. Haha

I love this comic. I was just introduced to it like 3 days ago, and I’ve been reading it whenever I have the time.


J.T. – Many thanks on all counts. I was hoping someone would tell me what the Hell that word was so I could fix this entry someday.

I’m a couple of years behind here, but I’m starting to think you should take these dreams of yours, turn them into story treatments, get an agent and start shopping them around Hollywood.

you know, I really want to reach into this strip, grab Reggie by the collar of his shirt, smack him upside his head with an operations book and enlighten him as to why exactly “With out me this place would fall apart” is the mark of a truly poor worker.

And as a side note, avoid eating strange things before bed.

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