2064 Fire Marshal.

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Since I was able to find out the series of those books I was talking about I ordered a couple. They are long out of print, but they were ubiquitous enough that copies survive in the wild that aren’t expensive second hand. Unfortunately the exact book I was thinking of is $70 assuming you can actually find a copy, so it’s only a partial victory. I’m going to keep my eye out for the others and see if I can get ahold of others if I can. The publisher still exists, but they are very child centric now & have lost what made their content interesting in favor of selling to a broad audience. I don’t begrudge them that. I know very well how hard it is to market something that isn’t for general audiences. It is sad though. A unique style was lost in favor of sales.


I guess he would have, having caused as many fires as he has.

Anyway, now I can’t get the image of Reggie as Fire Marshall Bill out of my head.

It’s a good thing the joke was already made on Twitter, or someone in the comments section would have had to do it. It’s not a joke possibility you can just leave lying around.

Remember that his dad’s company is a construction business according to Jackie, so he may also have learned about the fire code from that source as well.

That place isnt haunted.

it just has squatters.

or some old white guy in a mask is using the place for a low key meth lab or some other nefarious thing.

Here are [my] choices, for these guys to mimic the Scooby Doo characters, which I guess they’re already doing in this haunted house:

John = Shaggy

Alex = Velma

Jo= (maybe) Scooby

Victoria = Daphne

Thomas = (The stylish dude)…Fred,

Who do YOU pick, in this haunted-house story, to play the Scooby Doo crew?

Beat you to this a while back, I think. Can’t remember just when, though-or who everybody was. But of course, it was well thought out and reasoned. (would you be interested in a bridge? Really did have something about it in the comments before, though.)

I didn’t have an original idea? *smirk* Ha!

I asked for people to play with the characters, that’s really all I was hoping for.
Yep, I know- Jackie has Scooby characters drawn on his twitter page, so I think he had the idea [miles] ahead of me.
…..If I wanna impress people, I’ll do some nude-yoga tricks, while a band plays tunes by “CREEM” in the background.

No wait…scratch that. ;D

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