Many a lady I know is cursed with eternal youth but as someone with problem of often looking older than he is I damn know well I’d rather have it the other way around. If only because it places me in an area where I look like I belong with an older crowd but lack the emotional maturity to truly integrate xD

I have been getting senior citizen discounts without requesting them since 1997 and I just turned 61 this month. Not saying I used to lead a rough life, but arthritis first hit me in 1975.

I don’t mind having baldness, but the scalp sunburns and the one person who assumed I was married with children–when I’m 28–are a bit much.

It it helps at all- I used to wear a full beard at 25.
I guess it made me look lots and lots of elderly, since, after having it for 2 years, someone tried to hook me up with a woman in her 60s!

Geezum. The things people assume about my looks. :p

Two very cute girls.
…And they know foreign languages, too! Yay!

Not everyone in America feels that Education is something to be ashamed of,… Sure, a lot of ’em, but not the cool ones. As is evidenced by Jackie, Readers I submit “exhibit one.” Oh, and Brooksie, and Thomas…etc.

In fairness, they haven’t demonstrated they know a foreign language. They’ve demonstrated they know a couple of phrases of a foreign language.

That’s a very different thing. I mean, I know “me llamo” and absolutely none of my spanish classes took(my brain stubbornly refused to comprehend any of it for more than five minutes)

Wow. I had not realised how young the characters are. My immediate reaction was “almost 21” *is* a kid. I’m not sure I like the implications of that on my own age… Atleast I’m not balding yet (unlike a couple of my friends, the poor sods).

Man. balding is a hard thing, (IMO).

A friend of mine went [very bald] at about the age of 24.
He now sports The Harry Truman hairstyle. *snickers* “Hairy” Truman!

At the age of 29 I was asked by a customer I was attending to, “When do you graduate?”

I wondered how she knew I was a college man, but told her I had graduated already.

Her response: “So are you going to college then?”


I had the opposite, I moved to a new school for my last year of highschool and was asked by various adults who encountered me in said school what I was teaching:|

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