It’s sweet that Thomas can be sincere with Carol. A lot of people don’t want to be vulnerable to others because they think vulnerability is an opportunity to get hurt, and some folks would just rather not take that risk. I’ve always believed that you can learn more from your hurts, defeats and disappointments than you can from your victories and positive experiences. In a constructive way, of course. When you shut down and become bitter, that doesn’t help anyone, and it’s no way to go through life.

How did such a short post from you prompt such a long response from me? I never make a comment this long, if I comment at all.

My favorite YouTuber calls them “woke hipsters”. On the one side, we have virtue signalers, people who can’t stop themselves from announcing how much they like things, how much they care, to the point of sheer self-promotion, but on the other side, we have the woke hipsters, who won’t admit to liking nearly anything, or caring about anything, who think ennui and apathy are cool. One’s often a reaction to too much of the other, and neither is productive, or even honest.

“Did you ever see a dream walking? Well I did.”
That’s a quote, from a VERY scary film. *bites nails* :)

I may be older than you. I associate it with a pre-war studio cartoon; can’t remember if it’s a Fleischer Popeye or a Warner Bros.

Hm. It might’ve been in a 1940s-era, movie cartoon. Who can say? *shrug*
The song became a hit, I think, when it appeared in a 1933, Ginger Roger’s film: “Sitting Pretty”.

The ghost story/horror film that I’ve seen the song in, is the 1988 film: The Lady in White.
It’s a good, spooky film, if you want one.
[Most of the above info, is from Wikipedia’s page about the song].

Eventually he may have to stop deflecting and have an honest conversation, no matter how much it goes against his nature

“It’s odd how much we resist sincerity now. Liking things is practically seen as an admission of weakness.”

It’s different for me. I’ve just been buttered by sweet talk before only to realize the sincerity I was given was just to get me to do what they want with minimal effort. I believe in good intentions and good people, but I don’t believe in compliments or “sincere” gestures anymore because of the duplicity. Maybe it’s another for “admission of weakness” for some, but I view it as a breach of trust, simple as that.

So, Thomas, when she asks again in six months (assuming she doesn’t ask again in six seconds), do you think that kind of answer will work?


I had to stop and think about this one for a bit. It finally occurred to me that I couldn’t gain any points with charm when it comes to my wife. Lately, though, she’s quite taken with egg salad sandwiches.

Still, were I to deflect, she wouldn’t be distracted by sweet nothings if she wanted an answer. In this regard, Thomas had it easy.

It seems like there are more people than once there were, who when they see sentiment and sincerity, they think “chump”. Even if I’m right, I couldn’t tell you why, though.

Part of the answer is that there are more people with much easier communication among the masses then ever before so there are more idiots, sycophants, trolls, et all out there.

The other part is that with all this open communication [that is being strangled by the powers that be] is that more and more people are enlightened to what has been fake sincerity from those they at one time trusted. Fake News, Spin, Propaganda, Marketing in all its varied forms boils down to lies to get you to think and do stuff they want and damn the consequences to you or anyone else.

Oh my gosh, I just came back to this comic after like, 5 years, and my first thought was, “AWWWW THEY’RE STILL TOGETHER OMG!”

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