1996 Derailed.

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Somebody once told me
I’d be a great game master
because I make shit up on the fly
while somehow maintaining
the story structure
I guess I’m just an excellent guy.

I wrote he sentence & then realized it fit the tune of All Star, so I finished the section in that mode. Maybe I should type all my posts to the tune of songs. Just to see how far I could take a ridiculous concept.


Just do it.

It doesn’t always have to be to the cant and tempo of a song though.
You could also fly off with a haiku, Ballad, Couplet, Limerick, Sonnet or end it with an Epitaph or Epithet.

“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” and of course, have fun as we join you for a magic carpet ride….. I think I just derailed my train of thought…

This message brought to you by: “Loonier than a lake in Muskoka”

I think everybody’s considered podcasting gaming sessions at one point or another. Especially when you have good characters or funny events.

My last game, I was a misanthropic, whoremongering, skinflint alcoholic bastard blacksmith. He was a lot of fun. He was both literally and figuratively a bastard; he was an unacknowledged son of local nobility who grew up hating them, but he was also a complete jackass who took several months in-game to go from chaotic neutral to chaotic good. His backstory features mass homicide with a hammer and chisel.

This time around I’m a completely insane hobbit who is the focus of an ongoing duel between the goddess of dreams and the goddess of monsters and insanity. The one believes that giving someone a dream will make him a better person because he’ll have something to fight for. The other believes that madness is stronger than dreams and will irrevocably taint him. So in the meantime, he’s running around believing that he’s the king of his own subterranean realm whose biggest export is mushrooms and whose sole inhabitants are himself, a family of moles, and his mother. The Queen Mother. Who is a sock puppet that actually represents the last of his previous self and, commonly, the voice of reason in his life.

In the first campaign I ever played in I was a Gnome Cleric named Jhelae who really loved explosions. She was an unfortunate victim that got sucked into a rift thanks to something the rest of the party did involving a very pissy god. They ended up in a world where gnomes were unheard of, so everyone treated her like a kid, always givng her rock candy and making her bouncing off the walls hyper more than she already was. My favorite moment in the campaign was when she was starign down a giant lizard creature that could swallow her in one bit and told it to “Go screw yer mum” (which was taken as an insult to their goddess) tiny wizard lizard behind the giant one sends a fire ball Jhelae’s way and Jhelae’s staff reflects it and kills the wizard lizard with its own attack, before the giant lizard tries to eat her resultign in the druid plantign an arrow between his eyes.

Gods I miss that campaign. Alas the DM’s new wife (the bard of our party) didn’t seem to like me and had me kicked out and my staff (since it was plot important) was giving to someone else they invited to take my place.

On twitter- Jackie talked about a 1980s, [kid’s song?], with the lyrics- “misty, moisty morning”.
I checked a little on google image + such, + didn’t find much.
I guess it’s a kind of popular kid’s tune.

Dare I say it, + mention a thing that 1980s fans don’t like, but- I think “Barney”, PBS TV’s purple dinosaur, had the misty, moisty morning song on it, in the 1990s or 1992.

Misty, moisty morning [might also appear in a 1994 / 1990s, TV cartoon, named- The Busy World of Richard Scarry [R].

Hmm, I just copy-pasted [ lyrics- “misty, moisty morning”. ] and the Google suggested [ one misty moisty morning lyrics steeleye span ]

One Misty Moisty Morning
This song is by Steeleye Span and appears on the album Parcel of Rogues (1973).

The lyrics is the top of the search results page.
There are 10 pages worth on the Video search results.

[ I used my trusty ole 12 gauge though I do have a cricket bat as backup – Casey Jones ]

Swing & a miss. Strike 2.

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