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Jo is one of those people who have crushes on lots of people and gets crushes very easily. In spite of being shy she can see the best parts of people through their barriers.

MY sleep schedule has been so monumentally screwed up that I’m falling asleep at 5PM waking at 1AM then having a 30 minute nap at 4AM then starting the whole process over again. I’m sleepy at various points throughout the entire time I’m awake. It’s really messing up my art groove. I had intended to do a sexy Halloween image for the patreon today, but I’m barely functional. I got the page done at 3 this morning, did another art I had to do, then went to the store, then was completely useless trying to draw. It was a disaster by even my standards. I’m trying to stay awake until later tonight, but I want to sleep so much… The time change is going to happen soon and my body reacts really strongly to it now that I don’t really have a schedule apart from he one I set for myself. When the sun starts to go down my systems start to power off.
Additionally my cpap is messed up and won’t ramp up like it’s supposed to. It’s not completely broken, but if it does I’m looking at a minimum of 1800$ for a new sleep study and new machine. None of which is covered by my insurance, which is total bullshit. Every part of the industry of these things is a complete scam, but actually replacing the effing things if they fail isn’t… *furious artist noises*


Sorry to hear about your sleep problems/cpap issue. Hopefully you can get them resolved.

Can’t blame Brooksie with that logic. If you do manage to do a Halloween pic still my vote is for Carol!

Getting cute people to be in the frame, while doing the ghost-hunting videos?
That sounds cool to me!

Next time, to try for better visuals- can we do a GHOST-hunting party, where everyone in the party, has to wear bikinis or other swimsuits???

I’m SUCH a patron of the arts! :D :D

On twitter- Jackie asked about where you can get (rubber?) erasers that look like cartoon characters.

Try looking at https://www [dot] orientaltrading [dot] com .

When on that site, type in the word, erasers, + you get a lot of results.
$7-8 gets you about 140 of these erasers.

This site is also a great place to get little nick-nacks for toys to give out to [halloween] trick or treat-ers, or for Christmas stockings, or for whatever holidays that you like to celebrate.
I guess that the, “skeleton unicorn bendables”, are Halloween toys?

I’ve looked there before. They don’t seem to sell the exact type. As far as I can tell no one does anymore.

I think you’re right.
After searching agin- the ones you showed, with the hamburgler, Tweety bird, + space ship erasers, seem to be from the Diener [R] co.. I think Diener made them from the 1960s-1980s. they did other characters as well.
if you go on ebay, or www [dot] etsy [dot] com, there are countless people who will sell vintage sets of these erasers, if you really, really [must] have them. [shrugs].

I really relate to Jo in that regard.
I don’t know if this was covered before but is Jo polyamorous to any extent?

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