What she doesn’t realize is that Jo is talking to her, rather than hiding behind movie quotes (or literally hiding). Also I’m not sure she realizes that Jo was flirting with her a little. Either she doesn’t realize or else she’s pretending not to realize.

I enjoy the fully-realized characters in this comic. Great job as always.

A small, shy creature hiding in a slightly-less-small, shy creature?

Brooksie sometimes forgets she is fawned over, and she can eat up that attention with a spoon.

(PS In panel one it’s “pallor”.)

I wonder if “adjacent” can be used like that, with other words.
Such as: Ooooh, honey! I’m not “risqué”, I’m risqué-adjacent!

Meh, adjacent is used on Campus where I am, as a euphemism for “I’m Not Gay- but my friend Is Gay + ALSO I’m not gay Hostile.” It’s more complex and supportive than, “I’m Straight -but my friend is Gay.” It moves the focus away from the first person orientation of “Oh, hell-No, I’m straight!” Or “I’m Gay, you can bite my rainbow” to “you don’t need to know what I like, I’ll be your friend no matter who You want.” Kind of more friendly than just “Allies.”

Jo said “small,” not “weak,” Jackie. ;)

One the inside she is a cute lil fuzzy jumping spider.
SpiderJo, SpiderJo
Friendly neighbourhood SpiderJo.
Wealth and fame? She’s ignored.
Friendship is her reward.
Look out! There goes the SpiderJo!

Hee hee hee!

…Gets a CRUSH, any size!

Catches BABES, just like flies!
To HERRRR, [da da ta!]

Life is a great big bang up!
Whenever there’s a rave-UP…
You’ll FIND the SpiderJO!

*the LP record ends*

Oh, she is hinting at her furry side, I wonder if Jo will pick up on that.

“Jo, have you ever heard of ‘yiffing’?”


The FURRY CLUB says: An appaloosa a day, keeps the doctor away! ;)

Otterly ridiculous!

Aaaaa stop making Jolene so adorable!!! Or don’t… couldn’t say no to that. lol~ It’s a “birds of a feather” thing with me, actually. See also, my nickname. ;)

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