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Rather than trying to say thank you to all the people who were supportive of the previous blog. I’ll just say it here in a blanket sort of way. It’s always nice to hear when people appreciate you. It happens so much more rarely than the opposite. Try to make it a point to tell any creator you like that you appreciate their efforts. You may think they understand that, but often people will b e silent when it comes to things they like and only be moved to comment when they are even slightly annoyed, which gives a creator, especially a new one, a skewed perspective. I’ve been in the game long enough that I kind of go by other metrics. It’s still surprising when people say I changed their life in some meaningful way with my rambling stories.


Their attraction is probably 80% chemical, but their affection growing slowly as you reveal it (through the comic) is just wonderful. When I started reading the comic back in, … “(Oh, Dear God, No!)” I NEVER thought Thomas would get a womwn to enjoy him as much as he enjoyed her. Your continued twists and development are wonderful and very suble.

With regard to changing lives, you might not rattle the world every time out but all the little nudges to the good have a cumulative effect.

Wow…. that statement from Thomas … “We’re the ghosts of the people we used to be. Echoes moving forward in time.” That hits hard, man. It’s sooo true and I’m really feeling it. Nice work, Jackie.

There is, out there, a “Batman” musical that was never produced. (Warner backed out) In the story, Selina Kyle turns out to have ALSO witnessed the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, where Bruce became obsessed with fighting crime, Selina became obsessed with the futility of life, and chooses to become the thief that will become Catwoman. At a key point, she dies in Batman’s arms, and they sing a song about still being the children they were then; https://youtu.be/nL4WMTx5wK8

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