1732 Bask.

If you saw this the day it was first posted you will maybe remember a slight difference in the dialogue. Originally Alex didn’t attribute the quote because I didn’t think I could get the text to fit the space I was going to have. Since I fit the text first I only have a vsague idea of how much space I’ll need and tend to budget sparingly. After I had the sketch worked out I had the space after all but by that time I was too tired to think much about it, and the quotation is so often used by me that I assumed that everyone would know who said it. That is, of course, ridiculous. In any case people kept mentioning it to me, surprisingly, so I went back and fixed it. Honestly I could have done it and most people would just think they misremembered it, but I decided to make this little note so those few who clearly remember the first version wont think they are going crazy.

Man, what is there to talk about… I went ahead and downloaded the audiobook of Logan’s Run. I have to say, it’s kind of a mess in some ways. I understand fully why the movie deviates so much from the text. There’s a lot that doesn’t makes sense in the book that is shored up or ignored in the movie. The book is very much a product of its time, as is the film, but the film works better today in comparison. It seems more futuristic so it is more timeless than the book. The guns Sandmen use, for example, are pearl handled revolvers in the book. Six guns. It seems out of place in the sort of futuristic premise. I’m glad that I listened to it because it’s interesting to see how it was adapted to the screen.

I managed to reach S rank in Rainmaker in Splatoon 2. After I switched to a wired connection I stopped having the lag I was getting so much before and when I shot at something I actually hit it instead of some kind of ghost image. I almost got past S rank but had 3 bad matches in a row and got knocked down to the saved rank line. The other modes I’m in the A levels, but I don’t like them a well.

I also really like the zombie mode, but you can’t choose weapons and sometimes they choose such shitty combinations its impossible to cover anyone. The Salmon Run mode is so close to being great, but Nintendo’s insanity keeps it from getting there.


Maybe because I read the book first (after seeing a few episodes of the TV series) long before I saw the movie, the movie seemed to me to change too *many* things that really weren’t necessary.

But the six-gun I always saw as more or less a retro design than futuristic… Like Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, The Sandmen are Gunslingers in a metaphorical sense.

Busy weekend judging by the art ;)

Oh, because it’s terrible? No I’m just bad at art. Thanks for calling attention to it.

I dunno, it looks the same to me. Alex’s hair might be responding to humidity a bit, but aside from that it’s not that different from Friday’s.

I went back and looked at the art closely and it looks great. The only thing I can think is that that guy meant that you were busy doing art so it looks nice.

That’s the problem with vague text. The reader has their own personality reflected back at themselves.

Also no, I mean that it’s more than 50% a reprint of the last page. Which is fine for the scene and all, and nobody noticed. It’s just one of the neat things another comic shed some light on :P

That’s different. we don’t usually see Evrina drop her shields, + then get lost in a mystifying daydream. Hmm.

Nina Grace, aka the Valkyrie of “Between Failures”. The staunchest of warriors would be struck asunder by her unearthly beauty. Take Carol for instance: she claimed that Nina would be the only woman who could persuade her to lezz out. The stubborn, chubby, well-endowed, red headed dwarf cannot hold her shield up whilst in Nina’s presence. She’s simply too much for most people…

It sounds like you were underwhelmed by the _Logan’s Run_ book, as I was… but you enjoyed it anyway, so I’m glad you read it.

My objection to the six-shooters is not that they are retro. In the story, each cylinder was loaded with a different type of ammo, and the Sandmen would flip perfectly to the desired ammo before firing. I never bought that concept. It’s too fiddly and people would make mistakes. “I’ll shoot the net to capture this guy alive”, oh wait, he chose the “Ripper” round by accident and the guy isn’t alive anymore. Plus, the book didn’t say anything about spare ammo, so all they ever need is one each of exactly six kinds of special ammo rounds?

The other thing I had trouble buying in the book was that they killed you at age 21; in the movie they made it age 30. It’s hard to believe the people setting up this society would choose 21, and I always liked the neat dovetailing with the adage “never trust anyone over 30.” You don’t have to trust anyone over 30 if they go to Carrousel as soon as they reach 30.

Hm, yeah- I wouldn’t trust the habit of firing 2 or more types of ammo, out of the same gun.

It reminds me of Sly Stallone’s “Judge Dredd” film. In Judge Dredd, the cops/judges could ask their hi-tech pistols to fire different types of ammo. Uh…no- I don’t want a lead, [.45 caliber] bullet to get stuck in my gun-barrel, and then I fire a small, GRENADE round after it.


“Son, only a pimp in a Louisiana whore house carries pearl handled revolvers. These are ivory.”- attributed to the WW2 General, General G. S. Patton. Hee hee! :)

I saw the movie in the local theater when it came out. IIRC this was a year or two before Star Wars and it was considered pretty hot stuff. Back then there were several magazines devoted to sci-fi movies and they went on quite a bit about the effects and especially the guns would work. For me the guns played an important part in establishing the Sandmen as being pretty casual about killing in the course of their jobs. I still get a chuckle over the scene at the end being filmed in down town Ft Worth.

The miniatures effects in the _Logan’s Run_ movie look cheesy and dated now, but they were typical for their day. _Star Wars_ really advanced the state of the art and made other movies look cheesy.

The movie guns actually did shoot little jets of flame out when the trigger was pulled, and then “squib” explosives pre-placed in the walls made it look like the guns shot something destructive. They didn’t even animate beams for the guns (like the blasters in _Star Wars_) so maybe they were supposed to be shooting exploding bullets? The gun effects looked a little odd to me but basically okay.

I agree with you that the scene with two Sandmen laughing and joking while they harry an unarmed Runner and shoot him dead makes its point quite well. I basically like the movie, although I think the ending is kind of strange, with the computer going insane and exploding. I work with computers, and it’s a good thing they don’t actually explode when I make a mistake in my programming!

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