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Well, the new parts for my c-pap certainly helped it smell better if nothing else. I kept all the old bits pretty clean, but over time all the bits started to take on the permanent smell of soap and water. Clean, but not the clean of brand new things. I expect the filter helped too. I didn’t use the fancy hose because I really don’t need to, but I have it just in case. I’ve got enough new parts to keep me good for quite some time if they last as long as the last set. We’re gonna find an electrician to finally look in to the power situation, but I don’t know how that’s going to go since the locals tends to be shitty at everything in addition to being thieves and scoundrels. But maybe there’s a good electrician around. In any case it’s probably going to be expensive. Less expensive than the house burning down though…

I went to the store today for the first time in forever thinking that it would be cooler since the storms have made it a little less hot a couple of times, but I was wrong. It was hot and Walmart no longer is willing to spend money on keeping their giant boxes comfortable since they are slowly dying from mismanagement. I still managed to stay inside for a pretty long time, but I wanted to get a wired internet adapter for my switch and had to wait for an associate. It was a long enough wait that by the time I got it paid for I was skirting the edge of passing out. My heart rate was getting super high and the tunnel vision was starting by the time I made it to the truck. I got it started and the AC going and managed to stay conscious. I’m well enough now that I can recover from overheating in about an hour, but I still want to go to sleep afterwards just because it’s emotionally and physically draining. I wasn’t able to though because of the storm. It started with tornado warnings so you need to stay up and alert. there’s virtually no early warning system out here so if it sneaks up on you, you just die and that’s it. I was just about to take the garbage out when it hit. I didn’t want it to get scattered by the wind all over the yard, but the storm came up so fast I couldn’t get it to my truck. I had to leave it on the ground outside the fence. It came on so fast the whole side of me was soaked through in seconds.
I’l have to go and pick it up after it stops raining or the wild things will tear the bags open and make a huge mess.


Do your self a favor and get a UPS/serge protector like the ones for computers. for your CPAP. mine has paid for itself many times over.

I actually have it on a battery backup but somehow it still manages to flip the breaker. It wouldn’t be that big a deal but it has an alarm I can’t turn off and it only lasts for an hour at best.

At least yours came with a battery backup. Mine didn’t and every time there is a power flux here (even if it only blinks) my machine will turn off and it’ll wake me up. They sell battery packs on Amazon that are supposed to last at least 10 hours on a full charge, but those cost around $300, so I’m waiting for my next tax return to get one.

I don’t know how old your house is but you may just need a new breaker. Lot’s of people don’t realize those things have a life span. The failsafe is that when they get old they trip more easily. You will pay way more for getting the electrician to show up than the cost of the part.

I agree, the way you describe the situation, it sounds like it might just be a breaker that has worn out. Those usually cost just a few bucks. Good luck though and hopefully that’s what the problem is.

Quite possible – depending on how many times the breaker has tripped in the past – a 10 year old breaker which has never been tripped is pretty much the equivalent to a new one. It could also depend on what else is plugged into the same circuit as his c-pap machine – especially when it is first turned on as the inrush current is usually around 10X the max rated current draw of the c-pap machine’s power supply.

I don’t know if you can use alcohol instead of soap and water, but I remember from 6th grade that we used wintergreen-scented alcohol to clean some of the musical instruments in music class. I always liked the wintergreen smell. It seemed like the liquid ought to be delicious given how great it smelled, but of course it tasted like rubbing alcohol since that’s what it really was.

If you can use wintergreen-scented alcohol to clean it, maybe it won’t have that soap-and-water smell you don’t like? Once the alcohol evaporates it won’t smell like anything, and until then it should smell like wintergreen.

I’ve never had a CPAP so maybe my advice isn’t good. I apologize if this suggestion is useless.

I have finally finished my survey of the appearance of characters in BF.
Here it is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5pJgiKmQ_QDU0RmYy1ieUE1ZUU
Onedrive is currently down. I’ll post a better link asap.
The original idea was to check to feasibility of a BF series.
Verdict: we would need smth like 28 persons and 6 at the same place at the same time. As a comparison, Friends has 6 main characters, plus Gunther who is in more than half the episodes, and 37 supporting characters over the whole 236 episodes.

Concerning the file, the first column is obviously the name. I tried to make them the clearest possible, but I’m open to suggestions. The three other columns are the number of strips the character appears in. For the first column, the colors correspond to the decile and percentile. The second column is restricted to existing actual characters. Please tell me if you think one or more should be added or removed from this list. The result doesn’t change that much as you can see. The last column corresponds to the decile and percentile in number of strips. We have a mean of roughly 2 characters per strips so this criterion is twice less stringent.
I prefer the first criterion but it is up to debate so feel free to try yours. I thought of smth with a bias in favor of the most recent comics but I would have to redo the whole survey to implement that.
The colors should correspond to main, supporting and minor characters. It seems BF revolves around 4 mains characters: obviously, Thomas and Ed, Carol (because of Thomas?) and more recently Jo. Nina is at the limit but still has a hundred less appearances than Jo.
Maddison and Evrina make a remarkable entrance in supporting characters, but this is at the time mainly due to the current arc coming back to them both (Maddison x Reggie and Evrina x Nina), but they still have 40% less appearances than Wes

I don’t understand the point of this. Can you explain it more clearly?

If you’re thinking animated or audio series, you can obviously have regular or semi-regular cast members do lesser-used voices.

If you’re thinking live-action series, then you’re gonna need to combine people from your local community theater, community college drama club, and high school drama class.

I think for minor characters it wouldn’t be so problematic to have supporting characters with a wig and make-up or smth

Regarding the cleaning of your cpap equipment. When I had one I used to clean it with white vinegar and flush with water after and dry.
Seemed to work for me.

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