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I kind of intended to write something about Jo’s anxiety disorder here, but I got gummed up by life & wasn’t able to. I expect it will come up again though. Much like me talking about Patreon &/or Subscribestar. OH FUCK THAT WAS A SMOOTH MENTION. Anyway, Jess is giving her something to anchor herself to in case something goes wrong. It’s a small thing, but it matters.


I really like how Jess is caring with Jo. It’s a long shot from the “not a care in the world” persona she seems to want to project with so many other people around her.

But then again, this kind of complexity is a hallmark of the comic, and one of the reasons I’m here every update. It is a real pleasure.

Ahhhh, take your up vote, fine! But you only get it because I was -already- thinking the same thing when I read your comment. So take yer up-vote with my gratitude. I need moar coffee.

Love the development of their relationship. What a sweet little, intimate moment!

This is a super random question but are we ever going to see Wesley again? Any plans for him in the future?

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