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Attention! If you’re looking for the next page it’s delayed because I’m so sick I can’t work. I’m sorry to have failed you but there’s nothing I can do. Hopefully I’ll feel well enough tomorrow to get something done.

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This might be the most me Jo has ever been. It’s certainly a distillation of how I live. Repeat defeat, then back on my feet. Sometimes you need to be sad so you can work up the moxie to get back out there. At least I do, but then you get back out there. A lot of the time the person who gets in your way the most is you. So you gotta give that part of you a moment to step aside.

Right now that part is going to step aside for the part that needs money. So if you like my work please consider supporting it via the links above, or to the sides, or maybe under everything if you’re reading on a phone? They’re definitely someplace.


Hate being the first comment for once (especially since I’ve been a long time lurker) because it is to point out the typo in the first panel…Jo says “you’re” instead of “your” please don’t hate me =(

too bad a lot of people decide to be a victim nowadays

Not quite, I think. More like: Too bad a lot of people decide that thinking of yourself as a victim (often based on superficial traits) makes you somehow morally superior. And/or decide to lay blame based on equally superficial traits.

Or something like that.

You may be confusing people that aren’t afraid anymore,to share their feelings. That’s not the same as being a victim. A victim is when you smile and put your head down instead of speaking up.

Hm. I can’t agree. A victim is a victim, period. How they react to being victimized only determines whether we, as a society, side with them or not.

That’s true.

But the tricky part is, with victims, or with anyone else that needs help:

Who in the society gets to define- who is a victim, and who is not?

The person who feels they have been wronged. You don’t get to decide if you are a bully. All you can do is decide how you are going to react to it. Apologize or double down.

If I feel wronged by that comment, do I get to call [you] a bully?

Sure. I’m sorry my comment hurt your feelings. It’s hard to tell, online, how sensitive people could be.

That’s ok, I’m not feeling victimized.

But the point I’d like you to consider is- Should I use some reasonable rules, about when I call myself a victim?
If the Burger King company decides to stop selling Whoppers, + that makes me feel sad, should I say that I was victimized by them?

My point is, you don’t get to decide if someone is a victim or not. If someone is hurt by not having Whoppers, they obviously need help, not derision. If you can help, then do. If you can’t help, best to keep da mouf shut. Why make the world worse?

That’s a good way of looking at things.

Thank you for telling me about your point of view. :D

It has been my experience that the kind of people who say “life is unfair” usually do so to justify THEM being unfair. Like, yes life is unfair, but I’m not complaining about LIFE, I’m complaining about YOU, stop using life as a scapegoat for your bullcrap. Sometimes things are out of your control, but that doesn’t excuse using the control that you DO have to be a jerk.

I really like the last panel!
I’d like a poster to be made of that. :D

I also really like the last panel. I would love a high-resolution version of it with no dialog (and maybe even no background) for use as a desktop wallpaper image. I should name a computer “jo” and use a wallpaper like that.

If you want to go all fancy then use this: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” (Samuel Beckett)

My guy. It’s no shame that you’re too sick to work. Get well. Take the time you need to get better. We’ll still be here.

Truth. I admit I was genuinely shocked to find no update at this hour, but certainly can’t–certainly won’t!–hold a sick day against you. You have an incredible record of update fidelity. I’m more than happy to let some sick time slide. I’m a Shotgun Shuffle reader, for crying out loud. It’s months between pages there, sometimes.

Absolutely same
I have other webcomics that drop days all the time, but that never stops me from checking in regularly.

I don’t think I remember Between Failures ever taking a hiatus in my decade or so of reading, so honestly if I was told that there’d be a month off so Jackie could build up a buffer, I’d be all for it

Get well Jackie. Hope you’ll feel better soon, but no rush. Please take your time, we’ll be here. Best wishes from The Netherlands.

Get well. Sleep. Push the fluids. Rest. I’ve read your tweets and you should be in bed curled up with a good book or something.

Oh shit bro. If you’re fucked up to miss and update, skip it. Get some rest, we’ll be here

I just want to present something-
I mean no one person in particular, or any number of people in particular, when I write this idea-

Sometimes, I debate some ideas, with people on this site.

I take the position of, out of a goal to be respectful, I do not tell people what to say or do, and I also do not tell people what they can and cannot do. I find those types of behaviors to be impolite.

Please do not tell me what to say or do, [and please do not tell me what I can or cannot do], as a way of returning that courtesy- that I am giving to people.
Thank you for listening. I hope that you are having a good day.

An interesting response to “life’s not fair” that I recently learned is “and what are you doing to make it more fair?”

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