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So yeah, I got extremely sick on… Wednesday night? I’m not actually sure what day is what. I was super out of it until this afternoon. It wasn’t covid, in spite of having all of the symptoms. Unfortunately it seems to have allowed a bacterial infection to take root in my good foot, so I have to try and see a doctor tomorrow to get it stopped before it ruins the only good foot I have left. My regular doctor wouldn’t prescribe anything without seeing me but also wouldn’t squeeze in an appointment. They said to go to the ER if it was really bad, but I’m not fucking paying 3 thousand dollars so some overworked ER doctor can prescribe me regular ass antibiotics I can easily afford.

Anyway, I’m still sick, just not so sick I can’t get up off the floor. I may do more unnumbered filler pages until I can get over this headache and think straight. Just wanted to get something up for Friday while it was still Friday.


Uh-oh, here come the puns. People of Bartertown… DUCK!

(Wait a minute… didn’t I say that on another comment?)

Thank you for pushing though your sickness to get the comic up on friday. This comic means alot to me , and seeing a new upload brings great joy.

I am almost sure I have said this before, but it bears (bras?) hehehe repeating….
Your filler kicks the shit out of most of the rest of the content on the web, so dont feel like you under preformed.

Tom: “Nope. It’s unfixable. I’ll have to follow you around for the rest of your shift, standing behind you, holding the girls up.”

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