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Okay, so, The Last Dragon has been on one of the pay movie channels, like, 357 times in the last week.  This is good because that almost always means that it’s going to show up in the $5 wasteland, or a special edition DVD is coming out.  (I think it’s because they’re doing a remake.)  I know I could order it from someplace but…  Anyway, I’ve seen it several more times now and I noticed something I didn’t before.  In the scene just after Eddie Arkadian is introduced the producer, who is begging the Laura to meet Arkadian, is William H. Macy.  Wild.


Bold print means emphasis. Do like.

Also, is it just me or does Reggie’s mouth grow to unsurmountable proportions when he’s talking about himself? I fee like he could give Wario a run for him money. And we all know how Wario loves to run.

It isn’t a dumb job title, it is an attempt to help get you in the mood to do your shitty job to the best of your ability so as to make them more money. In some places the move is spot on. It adds to the employee atmosphere, it enhances your work attitude, it engenders better work ethics, et cetera et al

In most places though, yeah, it is just a dumb title.

Dude, Sho Nuff died. That’s why.
The Last Dragon came out with a tricked out edition of the dvd back in 2001. Tis on me shelf. In the L’s. Not the B’s. Cuz that would be anal.

No, it’s not the one with Sean Connery.
But yeah, Sho’ Nuff died. That was his coolest movie, so they played the hell out of it.

The movie you’re thinking about with Sean Connery is Dragonheart, which, incidentally, was also an awesome movie.

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