Sick Forever Comic 7.

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I guess having so many sicknesses in rapid fire just wore me down. Or maybe it’s just my age & general health. I’m not getting over any of this in a timely manner. I’m not even sure how many days of this cold have passed. My gums even hurt at this point. Of course the true problem with being sick is the decline of my mental faculties. I know that the way I type doesn’t properly convey how damaged my thinking is right now. My ability to fake being fine really doesn’t do me any favors. At the moment I can barely remember where I was going with the actual plot of the comic. Additionally I can barely think of anything amusing to write about in these filler pages.
I can lay down, but now I can’t sleep again. The coughing, runny nose, and whatnot have kept me basically awake for however many days it’s been. I went from completely sleeping regardless of everything else to the reverse on a fucking dime. Everything burns, everything hurts. I need to get over all of this because I’m going to be in charge of grandpa for an extended period of time again soon & being in this state & trying to take care of him & dad is a bit much. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.


You sound significantly unwell. If you can, please consider seeing a doctor, or at least a pharmacist.

Do you have covid? I felt like that when I had Omicron last December. Now I’m living proof that it’s possible for a diabetic 75-year-old to survive it. Survivor bias? Maybe. I have been more tired ever after than I was before.

Not really an allergy, in most cases at least, just a preferance for alternatives. I know, just enjoy the pun.
Sorry are feeling bad, best wishes for a swift and full recevery.

Jackie, you are SICK. Someone else needs to take care of grandpa instead of you. Both so you can get over your illness, and to prevent you from giving your illnesses to to grandpa – which will almost certainly hit him even worse than they’re hitting you!

Yes, I imagine it’s going to be very inconvenient for someone. But they need to understand that this is IMPORTANT. Severe infections like yours could easily KILL grandpa.

That would be a mercy in every possible way.

I know tHe feeling. My father, with what they euphemistically called “mild cognitive impairment” was ready to die long before he did die, but he did not know it. A friend would take him to church without fail every week. He was always amazed that a stranger would do that and all these people at church would welcome him so warmly. No wonder. Although they were strangers to him, but he was no stranger to them.

What is life without memory?

Okay, 1. I’m stealing this and 2. You made me snort coffee out my nose. 3 I will be attributing this to you.

It ain’t the nuts, it’s the tree they’re attached to lol some lesbians have their own and they’re not giving anyone anaphylaxis.

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