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I can’t talk about any of the things I want to. It leaves me with this entire blog space to try and ad something to with a gag on. What do you do when you don’t have the right to speak freely? Bite your tongue, bide your time, and store up anger so you can unleash it later. I guess I’ll just seethe and wait for the reckoning. Maybe it won’t ever come, but I’ll be ready if it does.

If you want to help me store resources until the day of my glorious retribution please use the links above. I promise to smite those who have wronged me in the most inhumane ways possible while staying within the confines of international law. Well, I promise to TRY… Anyway, come Monday I guess we’ll see which side is going to be put on the back foot for the foreseeable future. Regardless, I’ll see you here then, if I am able so to do. Stay safe out there, and damn the man.


When did Reggie wear the animal ears? I wanted to look it up in the archive, but don’t remember at all when was that strip posted. (I guess it was when he actually came to the furry club or howe was it called, but don’t recall when that was, in terms of strip number or its time of publication)

It happens off-panel right after “1341: Ears.” But everyone reading this should just ignore me, and search for themselves from 1308 so they can enjoy the comics and not skip them.

Yes, that is what you do. Back in my day, if someone had a big mouth and wasn’t expecting a fat lip that someone was very misinformed. But this isn’t that day, and I hate it.

Also: you *can* say what you want to, but as you can attest there will always be consequences. At the very least, there will be bullying, not that there isn’t bullying anyway.

I wish you luck on your continued journey to being a creator and keeping your dreams of vengeance from becoming a reason you’re truly outcast.

Tonight is the FNaF movie; we’re going as rabbits. Given that furries have been subject of discourse recently I thought I’d mention that :)

Why, pray tell, do you say you don’t have the right to speak freely? Man, this is your space. If ANYONE has the right to speak freely here, you do. Rant all you want, say anything you like. We will listen quietly and nonjudgmentally. :)

Taking an active role in your significant other’s interest is never not a bad idea. The idea of being “cringe” is so antithetical to being creative that it’s frustrating. If you hurt no one, then let it be. Also furries will always appear more extreme than they actually are.

So…it’s always a bad idea? Just messing with you.

But I do agree with you–I can’t stand deliberate cringe (e.g. The Office) but some folks are so terrified of being cringey that they refuse to let themselves have fun. I mean, I can struggle to break out of my comfort zone, but that’s more…instinctual. I TRY but struggle. But people who deliberately choose to put themselves in a box because “everything else is cringe” are…unfortunate.

I just had an image pop into my head of Reggie, mid fixing one of the animatronics, having it’s head fall onto his head when Alex shows up to see if he needs help and him in “Furry costume” causing, at minimum, some personal “humidity”. Or perhaps Maddison being the one to turn up and lose her shizz about him using the Beary costume as a fursuit? I’m not sure what would be funnier, but I am 100% laughing at the image of Reggie, blinded by the head of an animatronic, being pawed at by one of the girls. > <

Don’t know against whom your retribution is building, but some creative types will create characters with uncanny resemblance, and put them through hell. Just a thought.

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