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Hello, gentle reader, how was your weekend? Good, I hope. Mine was okay, but still filled with uncertainty. I’m still in a situation where my hands are tied and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve often been told that when you’re in a situation like that the only logical thing to do is simply accept it and not allow stress to get to you, until such time that you can act in a way to change the situation. Easier said than done. Rumination is in my nature and I am difficult to distract. These sorts of trials are often troublesome since I’m alone almost all the time, so I can’t offload any of the distraction to other beings the way humans usually do. Anyway, it is what it is and none of you can help, so all I’m doing at this point is worrying you on my behalf about things you are also powerless to repair. So let’s leave it be for now.

I suppose all I should do at this point is remind you that you can support my work via the links above and wish you smooth sailing until we meet again.


Sorry to hear there is so much uncertainty before you. I know that feeling all too well and all you can do sometimes is wait and see what hand you’re given and play the best cards you can.

Reggie always enjoys being Reggie…unless Nina’s pummeling Reggie, because he decided to be a total scumbag to Ed.
Whichever. *shrugs*

Just when you think Reggie is learning to let go of his ego, he always finds a way to disappoint.

I mean I can see how you’d take it that way at first glance given his history. But there isn’t anything inheriently narcisitic in suggesting that he loves who he is and wants to be a better version of himself. Many people have and will say similar things in the future.

Reggie is flawed but that what makes him human. Still I can’t help but root for him.

Agreed, I wasn’t too particularly fond of him at first. I was genuinely surprised when he surpassed my interest in Thomas and Ed. While I deeply enjoy them both respectively, I think I like Reggie more because he earnestly tries. In a lot of ways it feels like Ed and Thomas are coasting in life. Which seems to be changing with the B plot of the muppets and media empire Jess is trying to cultivate.

But there is just something compelling about watching Reggie square up regardless of what is thrown at him. Sure he’s cocksure for someone with a permanent black eye life gave him. But he’s got a charisma that’s difficult for me to put into words. He’s legitimately one of my favorite characters in media by a surprusing margin. Especially since slice of life isn’t a genre that generally tracks with me.

Best way I know to put it, Reggie is kind of Jackie’s Vegeta.

I think that kind of does it. I’d posit that it feels to me like the cast is predominently reactive. To me it’s fun to see how the meesh and bounce off of each other.

Reggie and John are more proactive characters, so when their on screen it’s interesting to see what they will do versus how they will react.

good luck.
There is always the flight into harder problems.
“lucky” you don’t need to choose. stuff finds you.
non-public journaling is a stress relief that also helps work through stuff to arrive at options till they open up. I’ve found that allowed me to stop monitoring, the times I thought of it.

Aloneness can be a catalyst for creativity, so here is the downside to the upside.
Offloading to others is also not great (for them, and everyone) in the total sum of people (unless they can provide perspective to take it easier. I used to offload to my grandma by sheer audacious actions – it only drove her into worry, but nothing was gained. I guess one needs someone else with a similar or higher risk tolerance.
Or you offload onto someone who shouldn’t be doing what they are doing in the first place, then keeping them can be a great service).
Or a pro councelor, religious listener etc, if available, who is trained and less attached.
Having found all these great options, I still somehow personally prefer not to bother folks. Worst case they try to help me, but with very unspecific and dysfunctional solutions, which reminds me the challenge probably wasn’t as bad, before I asked.
Still, one or two comments will often put me on the right path.
However, predicting whether someone will be able to help you or will be a nuisance is one of those hard nuts I tend to give up on.

9ish months ago I got a phone call that my mom
(Who I am very close with) was in the hospital, in extreme pain and so on. Found out she has cancer. Couldn’t really process or cope at the time, spent four days where if I wasn’t busy with work I was buried in reading invincible. I binge read it from start to finish in 4 days.

Good stories make for good distractions.

Reggie is so freaking cute! Look at those big ol’ eyes and that big soft grin! He’s a rat! And he’s self important! But he’s also adorable!!!

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