What sort of fursonas would I take?
I don’t know.
Maybe I’d choose to be: jackals, South American jaguars, swans, lizards, hyenas, and things like that. :D

(Happy Halloween, too.) :)

I thought I’d mention that idea, since Reggie + Vicky are talking about- people wanting to take on furry personas, +
also take on other flights of fancy, as well. Hm.

Happy Halloween. But yeah there is nothing like fuck you money. Got a buddy in the 1 precent and I’ve seen it in action. It is glorious.

I get why Reggie’s family is keeping him out of the money, but making someone with years, even decades’ worth of resentment over not having money and THEN giving them access to Fuck You Generational Wealth money sounds like a bad, bad recipe from here. About the only good part about that is that, by then, most of the family who wrote that recipe will be dead.

Thanks to soak-the-rich tax policies, much generational wealth transfer these days comes in the form of trust funds. Professionally managed funds the heirs never get direct access to means that even dumbasses stay rich.

Come to think of it, he and Jess have that goal in common to some extent. It’s very relatable, but they put it in pretty clear terms; the money to secure personal freedom… she just focuses much harder on how to get it, and resultantly cares more about what people think of her. Reggie sees the goal, but doesn’t seem to know how he’ll get there.

Even after some good character development, Reggie is still an effing jerk. A redeemable jerk perhaps, but still a jerk.

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