748 Deal Or No Deal.

I have been trying to post this page for quite some time now.  The Internet is mad at me apparently.

Years ago, back when I started this comic, a kind fan gave me a DVD copy of my favorite MST3K episode, The Final Sacrifice.  After all these years I have finally lived up to my end of the bargain as a fan and purchased the real set it is in.  I had to wait for the set to be 50% off, but still.  Supporting the artists.  More or less.  As an added bonus for me I haven’t seen the other movies in the set, so new content for daddy.

Someday I’m going to start doing the Riftrax thing too.  I’m going to make a tiny shadow puppet version of the theatre and act out their dialogue in front of my TV.



I highly recommend you try the rifftrax. The best way it to torrent them (after you pay for the movie and the commentary tracks of course >.> <..>) so that way the commentary is already synced up. Also ever since they riffed “The Room” they have done some kind of joke in most of their riffs since so you may wanna look that little gem up if you decide to get into rifftrax. (And yes I am aware of my suggestion for obscure quotes, not trying to butter you up, but in all honesty, if you enjoy it like me and my friends, you will be quoting it non-stop for weeks.) *END OF UNNECESSARY LONG POST*

URL for this page is messed up by the way. This is comic 748, but the URL indicates it’s comic 749. Is it fixable without deleting and reposting?

Serenity, The Protector, Clash of the Titans, Ponette, Breaker Morant, Singles, Almost Famous, Time Bandits.


Is it just me or does Jo look kinda interested and upset at the same tim in the last panel, and like shes trying to say she his type? And yeah I think they would make a great couple, cant wait for that.

Actually I think Jo might be hitting that she plays for the other team. Maybe. Could just be wishful thinking on my part :P. Also I just noticed why are there no borders on the text bubbles?

*hinting not hitting sorry. Also sorry to ask Crave a question while replying to another comment. Might be confusing.

Sounds like Jo picked up on Jessica’s flirtations. I can’t decide if I like Jo/John or Jo/Jess better. Oh well, time will tell.

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